Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Video + Photographer

Edmund Tham photography is really great! Nonetheless he is also one of Malaysia top wedding photographer. I get to know him from Khai Sheng some weeks ago while we were talking about how to take photo at the same time I was preparing for my colleague wedding  day photo shooting. Opps I didn't mention that before right?

Yea, it was a fruitful day and memorable day for my colleague which is also my mentor and friend as well. More on the wedding photos on next update. My purpose here is to promote Edmund Tham photography. See the featured video on the side bar? just click play it shouldn't take long to load.

The pre wedding shots were taken at Penang Island itself! I love the beach scene the most and I believe it should be Rasa Sayang Beach. I miss Penang Beach a lot! well I really don't have chance to visit Rasa Sayang beach since i got my car license because during that period the hotel was still under construction. The beach I visit the the most should be around Batu Fringgit and Tanjung Bunga Beach ba.

Well just love the shots taken by him.

Lol any one want to sign up be my part time model when I get back to Malaysia during Chinese New Year? Lol no pay but at least got an angpow~ haha...

Seriously need to try out different ways of taking photos... loved the sunset shots~!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Broga Hill Shots

It's been awhile since I took these photos.
It was all about coincident that Khai Sheng, Ze Hang and I end up at this amazing hill just in time before the sun rises.

Sometimes we just have to have a little bit of faith in what we do and enjoy life slowly rather than rushing.

Free your mind

I uploaded all of them in my facebook before but yet I find that those version is not yet perfect to my own preferences. So I give it some tweak before I post it up here.

Basking in the lovely morning sun..against the backdrop of the town..

Looking into vast piece of land.

Feeling the warm air around you

Not everything have to be clear. Sometimes we just have to let it be.

Let all out better then keep it in.

Shut off your eye and let your mind wonder.

Personally I love the 1st and the last photo the most.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Night Shots at University Nottingham

We took really long to get the above photo right. We Used long exposure and manual flash trigger to get to photo in one shot and a single flash. What I wanted to say is that, Trial and error works best~

This was made by utilizing the Multiple exposure function made available at the D80 body itself. Three shot in one frame.

This was a better one with proper exposure on both of the "subjects"

Sometimes, the model far more important that your gadget.

The evolution. I guess I hit the wrong setting the TTL flash. Overexposed my face.

Overall I was very satisfied with my first encounter with Wireless Trigger of my flash in a total darkness.

Short weekend at Kuala Lumpur

During the last Deepavali I made an impromptu decision to fly up KL to meet up with Khai Sheng for the weekend.

The first day I arrived, I already had a warm welcome by Khai Sheng. He greeted me by bringing me everywhere to try out the food till I really bloated. The most unforgettable thing is that, he keep on saying that HE was hungry every 2 hours, end up we keep on stuffing ourself every two hours with various of food!

We went to Midvalley~! And there was an exhibition by NIKON! Woot~! I was given the honour to try out the new Nikkor 70mm~200mm f2.8 VR II lenses even before it was being release! Above 2 photo were taken by the new Nikkor 70mm~200mm f2.8 VR II lense at wide open. Woot... it really make you KISIAO if you get your hands on it! The sharpness is just wonderful! of course you might say that using a crop sized sensor, I am only utilizing the middle part of the lense, yet the hand on experience the lense itself just feels great~

The above we taken while Khai Sheng and I were ton around the lobby. The top left were taken by Khai Sheng. I find that the composition of the scene is just right.

Multiple Exposure Try out

During the evening, we end up at Kajang and meet up with Ze Hang for delicious Kajang Satay! Glad that we meet her up, because she was the one who brought us to"Restorant Malaysia" to eat chicken, beef, mutton and duck satay. Erm... the duck meet satay is not that nice though, but the beef and mutton were really great!

The night's still young so we ended at University Nottingham. We were suppose to drop of Ze Hang and go back already, but once we took out the camera, we shoot until the past the midnight~

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Walk about at Bugis

There's a will, there's a way

Caught this while walking around at Bugis when my friend Terence and I was on our way to the mosque in Kampung Glam. At first I was looking upward, then I saw some plants also growing on the roof, so i figure out that, if there were plants growing in those weird location, there must be some around too. I turn a 360 degree, then I spot this on my left.

I believe that before you snap a photo, you think about a theme or a message that you want to tell the viewer, the result you get will always be a better one.

Endless Walkway

Reflective surface normally gives you the vantage point that not normally seen by people. You might have walk across a shop with glass door but you hardly noticed what it reflected from there. Photo above  gave me the feel like there is no ending for the walkway.

Look from an alley

There are many places to shoot the mosque, but I choose to shoot this one at the alley of some shops. I am not very good at taking landscape, mainly I don't have a real wide lenses to show the surrounding area, so I took those that can have narrow view.

Just Like it.

Nothing really special about this photo, just that I like it this way.

Freeze the water

This was taken at Bugis junction where many family like to bring their children over here and play at the water fountain. I had spend quite a few time sitting beside just to look at the kids here. It is just plain relaxing. When I there last week, I had 50mm on my camera which the view was quite narrow, so I decided not to took the kids around and focus on something we can't see with our eyes.

I choose a shallow depth of field, crank up the shuttle speed... then the above is the outcome, the water that we sees normally as a straight line is not straight.

Repeating pattern

I raise up my head and saw the glasses on top of the roof. Slight move myself around to avoid thing that I dont want to include in the photo this is what I got!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Henderson Wave

Henderson Wave

Last Saturday early morning before the sunrise my friend and I already took the earliest MRT toward Harbor Front Station for the photo shooting! The funniest thing was Terence only had less than one hour nap after he chiong through the night with his friend. With 2 dark eye bags we head for McD for breakfast and they accidentally gave me one more cup of tea! Haha... while waiting for Michelle to arrive we start to pop out our camera and start all the technical stuff none stop!

Lomo phototography edited

I decided to had the outing at Henderson Wave because I want to try on taking photo on landscape. The result I had wasn't that good but still acceptable. Personally I like lomo photography because of the excessive green and blue!

Leading line, converging line, diverging line.

Is landscape photography, the most powerful element of is line. The line lead the audience eyes to the subject or the focus of the photography.

Did you notice there is one guy in white and he is like on all those weird weird places? Yes... he is... because you have to try all those vantage points that normally we won't be seeing.

Depth of Field

Depth of field normally is the essence of the photo and it is controlled by the aperture of the lenses. For photo above I should have selected lenses that have shallow depth of field for more bokeh ("blurness"). Well on the other hand... having more depth also can bring our the leading line to my subject, in this care he is Terence!

Zig Zag

Sometimes you just have to wait for your subject to came into your frame.


I think most of the time I more prefer in shooting people. By the way, rules are meant to be broke. So... think outside the box!

Parallel or not?

In fact in the photo none of the line is parallel or perpendicular. The horizontal line is actually slanted. Probably illusion!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where to live?

Last saturday went over to JB. The difference is that instead of taking bus all the way from sg to utm, I was in luck! Zing Yi brother's also going over to visit Zing Yi and some show house around Johor.

Overall it was a great trip because i get to know that a nice pleace to live in is not easy to find and it cost a lot but yet it is still half the price of SG HDB housing! A 2 story Semi-D is about one million ringgit but at sg a condominium of 3/4 rooms is about 1 million SGD depend on the location. Hmm... I wonder where would I end up be. Probably else where rather than Singapore.

But I am sure that I like big houses!

Meet up with Zaolon certainly is a good thing. This time was to celebrate his belated 21th birthday. The things that I would like to tell him is a quote:

“Love comes when manipulation stops; when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you. When you dare to reveal yourself fully. When you dare to be vulnerable.”

Haha... Wish money fall from the sky for you.

You can't really see what lye ahead of you even though everyday might seem the same but it's still changing.

Work seems to become more and more busy. Free time getting shorter. My strategy is to sleep less!! Haha. Everything will be OK!

p.s: previously there were many typo... finished this in a rush.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jspo that shaped my personality

It has been quite a while since I posted something about myself, but when I came across Joe's post, I totally agree with her that JSPO really shaped up what we are today. At least for me.

I gotten my first scholarship mainly because I quoted JSPO experiences I had such as being the General Affair for most of the events held. That is how I end up working in  Keppel  Singmarine! I don't hate my job, it is just that the job never came across my mind at all. I never intended to work at a marine industry at all yet now I am in one of them which is also a global well know company.

Being a part of JSPO makes me have high expectation when I carried out my job. I plan for certain operation and expect the job can be run flawlessly but yet the reality is not always that good. The job that has been planned always get delay and doesn't end up like what I expected. Sometimes it even made me haywire and start barking here and there which is BAD for health! Hahaha..

As the times goes by, you really learn how to be patient and yet you still have to have great expectation. If the standard is not meet, you will have to start to think over again and educate my dear workers to improve. Most probably I am young and I don't like to scold people because I don't see that scolding people is going to make them a better person. I rather make them think about what they had done and let them realize their mistake and how to improve.

Just like when we were practising the drill. I never scold my part instead I have fun with them, that's why horn part is the noisiest part of all! I guess I am still using the same method after all. I just love to interact with people.

Today I went for Keppel Offshore and Marine (KOM) Orientation program. Most of the new staff were all required to participated in this orientation. Thanks to JSPO I am once again can't keep my mouth shut. Haha... is not that I interrupt other people is that I learnt how to stand out from the crowd and voice up when needed. Yes I do feel nervous when I stand out... but there are more people that dare not to do so even though they have things to say.

Without joining JSPO I also won't end up in Singapore. I am here because I got encouragement from my ex and then my life is never the same end it has always beyond what I had dreamed and I have no idea where will this lead me to.

I am very fortunate because at Keppel Singmarine, I am actually allowed to do things my way without getting interfere by others, on top of that I am having a great mentor as well as bosses that give me chances to participate in different kinds of events. I should thank God actually instead of saying this and that. Haha!

This month I was also feature in our company magazine! Is a short interview. Thanks Khai Sheng in helping me to cook up the interview respond. Haha... life never been better!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3G is great

Just about 2 weeks ago I signed up for mobile data plan which allow me to use 10GB per month for 29.90 contract period was 6 month and free for the first month.
Before that I never though of getting any data plan because it was quite expensive! But then last month phone bill I was charged 20 dollar for using 4 mb of data. The problem is I never use it!! ()$&@"";@:$$:
I was a little bit fustrater so I sign up with the mobile data plan which allows me to "get connected" with the world at any time!

Opps Sorry about that. You would have to turn your screen anti clockwise to see that. Did you see that it charge me 3 THOUSAND for the data I used?

Luckily I am on th mobile data plan! It's now free!

Today I went to guitar lesson and I try to take the bus from another bus stop but I can't find the exact location. Thanks to iPhone apps name SGBus oansge to locate the bus easily !

See it was shown on the google maps so that I am able to get there with the guided GPS!

That's not all it even manage show the estimated arrival time of the bus I am taking!

I am taking 157 and it show me that the ETA was 4 min!

Conclusion is that iPhone is not am iPhone if it is not able to use it's 3G

Lastly because o was typing all the time, I miss my stop by a lot! Haha! Well there is nothing to worry about! Google maps with gps Guide me home safetly!

I Finished this post whole I was walking! Woot
-- Post From My iPhone

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Spec GONE again!!!

What a day!!! Haha... I was cycling rushing from one place to another chasing for job to be done today. Too bad when I reach the yard blasting chamber I suddenly drop my spectacle and it was run over by my own bicycle. Totally sweatness!!!

-- Post From My iPhone

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Botanical Garden Macro Shots

The photo above was taken with 50mm lenses close up. 50mm prime lense really makes your photo pops out dude the shallow depth of field of 1.8f!

Last last Sunday, I went to the Botanic garden again just to take a couple of photo then get back home again. Haha... Too long never have photo shooting, so out of the blue, I decided to do so.

Did you ever look close up of the plants? This was taken with an inverted 50mm prime lense. Which make the objects so big. Is called the macro photography. But is extremely hard to do so because I have manual shift camera to get it into focus! there is no auto focus or focusing ring to get them into focus!

Ants! To take this shot, it made me sweat a lot with i only can guess the focus point! need to trigger a wireless flash to make properly expose the scene.

This was cropped from the center of the frame from another shot which the ant life size was only less than 1mm!

Lucky Star!

Flower buds


Even the flies like the flowers!

This was taken by triggering a flash wireless from the back. Having the backlit effect! It was an experiment that that turn out to be great!
Buds is star shape!

Unexpectedly there was an extra creature.
A squirrel with a nut at its mouth!

Last but not least!

More tk....