Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fastest Birthday Ever! 2 hours!

Does the title gave you any hints on what I am tryin to say here?

I am guessing that it is a no then.
Well last night after I back from work at 5:30p.m. I drop dead on my bed worse than a pig. When I woke up it was already the next day 5:00a.m. !!!! I am shock to see he time showing me is already five in the morning! Damn it, I missed 3 people calls that night. One from zaolon, one from joe-lene and last but not least is from ah chew my room mate. LOL you must be wondering why my room mate called me while we share the same room. Answer is very simply. He is back at Johor. X )

So the story continue. Today I am suppose to finish up my finial report and let my mentor go throught and sign off so that I can hand it over to my lecture won some help from my friend. Since I will straight heading back to Penang the first hong tomoro after back from work!
But too bad the report is giving me a hard time. After gone through by my mentor I still need to do amendment for it. So by the time I finish and let him sign was already 6:40p.m. The bus for 6:30p.m. Already kiss me good bye! Yet my mentor sign of approval doesn't end the story. I still need to bind them up. Well since the bus is gone I hen take my sweet time in checking it for minor error and lucky I did. By the time I finished it was already 8:00p.m. The only people let in the projects department was my senior project manager and me. Thank god! My senior project manger mr. Hard offered to give me a ride home. But I would have to wait for him to finish up his job. And it was 9:00p.m. When he ready to go.

I guess that's his birthday present for me by giving me free ride! Taking bus from. There will take me almost 2 hours to get back home!

By the time I reach home it was already 9:30p.m. But my day is not over yet. I still need to pass my report and documents for my friend so that someone can help me hand in over to my lecture! Well the make my start writing this post at 10 o'clock!

This makes my 21th birthday the fastest ever!
Thanks everyone for your warm birthday wishes! Is very nice of you!
There was an unexpected birthday wish at 12. Thanks for that! I will bear it in mind!

For some of you, I will be seeing you real soon! X )

Now i'm at home and it was 9:30p.m. Still have to pass my report and document to my friend so that someone can pass it up for me tomorrow!
Yes now everything done! It is then 10 o'clock! Leaving me with two hours to celebrate!

Fastest birthday ever!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! There was an unexpected one at 12 o'clock! I'll remember that!
All the best for everyone! For some, see you all real soon!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Andy's Birthday!

his is a delay of the birthday post for Andy! Our big brother! My time at Singapore must thanks him many many! He is the one who is been looking up my back all the time, not most of the time. He is the best big brother I ever had!

Few days ago which is 22th of Jan is his birthday and we had his birthday celebration at Pasta de Waraku! That's the place whereby Jess and Jinli work. On that day itself, both of them were our waitress. Thanks to them, we got extra 10% discount!

The man of the day! Andy Soh posting for his birthday! he just treat us a dinner at Shin Kushiya!

*Btw really like the Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens many many because it is sharp and clear!

Well 7PL is once again having another gathering but this time the one who absend was Police, he has to meet up with his family member... :( else we would all end up with stomache when on the way back. His joke is lame enough to keep you laughing all the night!

Let's see who is with us that day.
Jun Hua aka Er Lang. But i think he is more suitable to be the pirate of waraku better! See his hair so short? because he told the barber 剪短,一点 but it was interpret as 剪短一点

Wayne aka 3 Lang. Next time going to him a visit at Hollland Village NYDC! I love foods from NYDC very to the much! Yum Yum aspecially the cheesy baked pasta. and also the cakes!! Woot... if you tried it, you will loved it.

Then we have ah Dong with us!
He is also a DSLR user! He is using A200 from Sony. Lately he do a lot of shooting of models oh! haha... I want to be his model too, cause got pay 1!

Then we got Jing Mian with us today! Long time didn't get him to join with us already and finally he is back.

Then we got Bel with us... she is just back from China. the poster was discovered by Ah hua.... I'm Bel Happy! Lol it means if you are bel, you will be happy!

Then we got the service crew of Pasta de Waraku for the day! Miss Jess is the one! Well she had a bad day at work but with the present of us, it just turn another way. Gambata ne Jess!

Then we also got the Lau Ban niang of the day JinLi

Well my job that day is simple, help Jess take candits at her work place so that she can have a collection of it after she left. So, i am a resposible photographer and I am sure she gets what see wanted. Let's look at the collage I made from all the photos.
I am sure this will prove that she entitled the best crew award! haha...

Of course our purpose that day was to celebrate Andy's birthday, so here it goes.
Tada! See the 3 big candles? Ya... BIG 3 Candles! Wish him a great year ahead!
He just can't stop smilling! Which makes the 3 big candle a little bit too much for him! Well he still the best bro i ever had!
The cake is Manga cake... but it taste more like Mango pudding! yum! i like all sorts of cakes!
Hmm.. the group photo is not with me but is ok, we know there is one! XD

Is happy to join them for a dinner! Hope next time there is more!

Lastly, before we all head back to our home, Jun Hua help us take the group picture, but for him to take one picture, he took us 5 mins of time! The the best out of it.. he look exactly like a sua ku tourist! haha..

Well friendship Forever!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Grandmother.

Last week when went back to Penang, I took a few photo of my grandmother, she is almost 92 years old. As usual, she was happy to see me back to home town. Old people get to miss their relative very often. Of course I am glad to see her too.

I heard that she had quite a fall in the bath room just not long ago and been complaining that she don't have the strenght to walk. So my dad say I am going to treat her for a dinner that night and she must attend and have a dinner together.

At first she was reluctant to attend the dinner together by saying that she can't walk. But she made it to the dinner cause my dad keep emphasising that I am the one who will be treat her the dinner. Well it wasn't me. But am glad that we get together and had a proper dinner and also to celebrate my dad early birthday.

I don't think she is that old. See the L sign.... she is saying that I am so LAME! Hahaha.... just coincident....

This pose is like she was posing like an author of some book, if you were fans of Stephen King, this pose should be familiar to you.
I still remember, about 10 years ago, she still been able to chop down bamboo trees and makes buckets out from it.

A caring hand

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 New year resolution!

Wow... 2008 is already been tag as our past.
It was quite an unusual year for 2008, there were laughter and tears.

Let see what had happen in the past. Hopefully I can recall every bits of it.

  • Jan - This month i got quite a numbers of present and the most too, from one same people and they were all foods, Haha... that was from my ex.
  • Feb - not quite a happy month for the whole 2008, no Huat at all... ya got a big ang pow later on. Broke of with my ex 12+ at valentine's day. But do learn a lot of things during that period together.
  • March - Big ang pow month, delayed ang pow from chinese new year. Had a motor accident but luckily that i am able here and still blogging and pa pa zhao! The most sad month of all in '08 but is just part of growning up. People came into our life and people goes away from our life. Most important things is that what have we learn from them before they left. I am glad that i had her once.
  • April - Start of school, so i am back to Singapore after a long break to settle everything. Was happy with the arrangement of the classmate. Being same class with 7PL brothers was the best sem for me during my Ngee Ann's Life. Here by i would like to thank Andy for looking over me all the time! Jun Hua you are just as good Andy. You both are the Da ge! Ah Dong, you never fail to made our day brighter. Wayne, jokes from you never get lame enough.
  • May -  Oh... May Day! Haha its not that. Life just got better! First time get hold of a DSLR and from then on, i falled in loved with DSLR. This is the month that change my life too. Went for a workshop with Julian W. and learnt all the basic of photography from him. It was a great experience back then! And this month i also get to confirm on the trip to Kota Kinabalu with my mom. That was my '08 resolution. Checked!
  • June - 奇迹 happen for JSPO haha.... They won their fifth champian in a roll! Had a great time with friends back at Penang. That was the no-ending gathering! Next is that Andy and I made up as a team for adventure racing and we won the 2nd place! Told you right? Life just got better!
  • July - Tough months! been practise with 7PL team for the school relay race! Been running around the school for most of the time. And we won the 3rd place! That's not just it... I also gotten my First DSLR! Nikon D80! Muakz!!! Haha... no gf but got a wife instead! Started my photography life with D80 from then on.
  • August - A RARE opportunity to meet up Li Yin at Pudu and take bus back to Penang and have photo shoot session with her. Beside that also get to meet up with my best friend Zaolon and Chin Hou!! Everytime get to meet uo with you guys is really having great time! We went got sing k and stay over! I remember that day i arrive at Juru, it was Chin Hou who came and picked me up! End of the month, I flied to Kota Kinabale with my MOM!
  • September - Back from Kota Kinabalu and gotten a lots of souvenier - photo. Haha... that the first time I put myself to the test for taking photos! That was a great time we had in Kota Kinabalu. This month i also gotten my result for the past semester. Statisfied with it very much! This month was also the time my attachment started. It was real tired to get up at 5:30 in the morning. Then it was also the first time i visited UTM and stay over there with Zaolon! Great time together!
  • October - Went you start working time will get lesser. But holidays just get even more meaningful! Went to UTM to celebrate Deepavali with Zaolon! Stayed there for 2 days this time! Eaten a lot of stuff back then also get to meet up Zing Yi from her cell group gathering.
  • November - This month Margeret came over to SG. Gotten the chance to meet up with Shaw Chian together with Margeret, Colin and Wee Yang for an outting. This the first time i join bunch of KRS people for an outting. I am the odd!
  • December - Final month of the year! Bought my second lens with is a prime lens! This just started to get more interesting! and there was also an ipod to accompany me for time at my work! And 八年友谊,谈何容易?it is going to be nine soon!
As I said, things just got better every month.

now for for year 2009!

First of all end my attachment program in Jan then i am a free man for about 20 days!
'05 we are going to rock Pulau Jerejak this coming February!!!! ON BOH? that the that that i want to archive in '09

Ok my resolution for year '09
  • have a family holiday at Singapore during my convocation. This is going to be happen, just how good will it be? Make it the best one!
  • My own project, improve my photography skill more more more! Shoot my home town. Title: The place I grown up!
  • Try to get in a part time degree course! It might take up to five years to finish it. But... 先苦后甜. Been relax too much during my secondary school life... now... the hard time. But I want an easier live after 25!
  • I want to become a 流浪汉!Seriously no joke here! go around the world and take lotsa picture! So... time to plan for it! See how it goes at the end of the year.
  • Of course every year must be better than previous year right? Make '09 a better one than '08! So no gf no heart break! Haha... Concentrate more on own stuff!
  • Get a Nintendo Wii + LCD TV for my house. My mom been w aiting that for long. Not neccesary to be my pocket money. My duty is just to make it happen. : p and i still own my bro his pc... that's his money. Get it done by April!
  • JULY! Hopefully i Must accumulated enough leave to fly to Australia for overseas gathering with dearest '05 JSPO Ex- mem. (even 5 days at Aus i also fly!)
  • Learn more about stock market! Plan for the future, cause i am going to be a 流浪汉! Someone just made a profit of 30% in  one month by buying Keppel share!
  • Try to become a freelance photographer! So next lens to get is 17-55mm F2.8 and a Speed light! Hmm.. sound cool but when can i archive it?
OK is 9 things to do and to improve just nice to fit 09!
ok... Dear friends who read this post, do come up with your own NEW YEAR RESOLUTION! Then lets see how far we get in this 09! All the best everyone!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Tag I ow'n'... 16 things about me?

I hardly know myself lea... now need 16 things... kill me bah...

ok cut the crap.. and start to write the crap....

  1. everyone shold know that i like.... P.... h.... o.... t.... o.... graphy. Yes... love it... I gonna married to Nikon if Nikon is available... then I don't have to worry about getting money to fun my stuff.
  2. next would be, i like to take photograph at weird places... such as... Toilet! xD next would only archive able in Malaysia... Beside the Trash site...... Smell sucks... but gonna try that
  3. Places around me is dirty, i still can close one eye... but.... on me... hell no... .
  4. I like listen to songs but not rock. I do like X Japan... just for those songs that were not too heavy.
  5. I play guitar badly and sing badly... but who cares, i SS enough... well pity my room mates...
  6. The younger i get, i less game i play....( younger dude to... joe say kenot say old yet.. just started to life our live... so getting younger everyday.... infact.. -1 year soon)
  7. I like to eat a lot... cheap one eat... expensive one eat... drop on floor one.. you eat bah!
  8. I can't live without being connected to the world wide web. Even is just leave my comp sign in to the msn.... i feel syok that way.
  9. My memory sucks when i own people things. but not if they own me( yeah i know it spelled owe.. but choi ah... haha the one who corrected me knew it. >.<)
  10. everyday my alarm rang at 530am. but i will be on bed until 550am. couple of times really sleep till 7am.. take cab go work... pocket - 14 dollar. Syok!
  11. If i need to be describe in one word, i would tag myself "weird".
  12. 2009 he is going to eat McD for the rest of the year!
  13. I can't take daily product, yet i still got one tub of yogurt in the fridge. Simply love it.
  14. scratching head d.... what to write here? can put on hold? I... I... hate doing laundry. Like now... i still got clothes at the washing machine need me go hand them up....
  15. i very kaypo de. when the things that i kaypo or kaypo with have no harm to the subject being kaypoed. hahaha....
  16. this one... is for me to know and you to find out. That's the secret i will never tell. Ops... Gossip boy here.
ok done... finally i finsh the tag.

Free photos!

Title: V I B R A N T

This is the only odd. Time fly......

Friday, January 2, 2009

Farewell to Xin Yun!!!!!!

Xin Yun had already fly to Australia, so this post is to wish her farewell and all the best at Australia!!!!!!! I am sad that you are leaving Penang but happy for you to go over to Australia.
Aiks... stupid firefox just now crash.... i had to retype everything agian..... I took quite a number of picture back then, so i made a collage.

LY is holding the muffins Joe made for XYun, so that she can have it during her flight to Aus. I bet there were more than just delicious, there were priceless!
She was so busy for the evening... the phone just can't stop ringing with calles from her friends all around. She even have to take photo while answering 2 phone calls.
XYun you should really thanks me for writing this post... I rewrite it 3 times.... The F*** firefox crash 2 Times and everytime at the ending of the post... and it wasnt saved!!!!!

Weng Feng was so busy keeping both eyes on XYun, even during taking Photo, he still look away from her....
 That hand belongs to Weng Feng, his goal was to make him smile bby force, but... he unfortunately he failed badly...

XYun was hugging every friends and family that went to sent her off to Aus, while I actually was hugging her on Zaolon behalf too.. hope she knows that...

XYun, you sure have a lot of relative that came to send you off!!!!
The Kids Loves her very much, at the back we were saying that, next time she is going to have many many kids in the future!

All the best ya!!!!! See you in Australia!! XOXO

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! Hehe....  Yesterday suppose to have a New Year Count down with Joe-Lene, Liyin, Zen Yang and Chin Hou but unfortunately Zen Yang and Chin Hou can't make it to join us. So just left Joe, LY and me. We three end up hangout at MickeyD for new year eve.
Joe-Lene and Liyin with her just permed hair!!! curly curly fries!
Liyin Face while having phone call with Zaolon.... What face is that?????
M actually doesn't stand for Mc. is For Muffin! M for Delicious muffins by Joe!!! Zaolon! You should regret that you went back to Johor so early... You missed out these delicious Banana muffins!
Happy face after you tasted the muffins!! Yum Yum!

What did you all had for your 1st meal in 2009? Haha... this was brough up by Joe! She had McFlurry Orange at 12am 01-01-09! While Liyin had Fillet-O-Fish, and Joe share with me the McFlurry, so end up we all had McDonal for 01-01-09 !! Liyin said we gonna had McD for the rest of 09 for sure... I think that's nightmare!

We did took group photo of 3. But that's on Joe's cam....
Camera is the tools to buy us souvenir! Don't you agree with that?