Saturday, January 24, 2009

Andy's Birthday!

his is a delay of the birthday post for Andy! Our big brother! My time at Singapore must thanks him many many! He is the one who is been looking up my back all the time, not most of the time. He is the best big brother I ever had!

Few days ago which is 22th of Jan is his birthday and we had his birthday celebration at Pasta de Waraku! That's the place whereby Jess and Jinli work. On that day itself, both of them were our waitress. Thanks to them, we got extra 10% discount!

The man of the day! Andy Soh posting for his birthday! he just treat us a dinner at Shin Kushiya!

*Btw really like the Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens many many because it is sharp and clear!

Well 7PL is once again having another gathering but this time the one who absend was Police, he has to meet up with his family member... :( else we would all end up with stomache when on the way back. His joke is lame enough to keep you laughing all the night!

Let's see who is with us that day.
Jun Hua aka Er Lang. But i think he is more suitable to be the pirate of waraku better! See his hair so short? because he told the barber 剪短,一点 but it was interpret as 剪短一点

Wayne aka 3 Lang. Next time going to him a visit at Hollland Village NYDC! I love foods from NYDC very to the much! Yum Yum aspecially the cheesy baked pasta. and also the cakes!! Woot... if you tried it, you will loved it.

Then we have ah Dong with us!
He is also a DSLR user! He is using A200 from Sony. Lately he do a lot of shooting of models oh! haha... I want to be his model too, cause got pay 1!

Then we got Jing Mian with us today! Long time didn't get him to join with us already and finally he is back.

Then we got Bel with us... she is just back from China. the poster was discovered by Ah hua.... I'm Bel Happy! Lol it means if you are bel, you will be happy!

Then we got the service crew of Pasta de Waraku for the day! Miss Jess is the one! Well she had a bad day at work but with the present of us, it just turn another way. Gambata ne Jess!

Then we also got the Lau Ban niang of the day JinLi

Well my job that day is simple, help Jess take candits at her work place so that she can have a collection of it after she left. So, i am a resposible photographer and I am sure she gets what see wanted. Let's look at the collage I made from all the photos.
I am sure this will prove that she entitled the best crew award! haha...

Of course our purpose that day was to celebrate Andy's birthday, so here it goes.
Tada! See the 3 big candles? Ya... BIG 3 Candles! Wish him a great year ahead!
He just can't stop smilling! Which makes the 3 big candle a little bit too much for him! Well he still the best bro i ever had!
The cake is Manga cake... but it taste more like Mango pudding! yum! i like all sorts of cakes!
Hmm.. the group photo is not with me but is ok, we know there is one! XD

Is happy to join them for a dinner! Hope next time there is more!

Lastly, before we all head back to our home, Jun Hua help us take the group picture, but for him to take one picture, he took us 5 mins of time! The the best out of it.. he look exactly like a sua ku tourist! haha..

Well friendship Forever!!


~Live Life~ said...

Are they all your colleagues?

Don't seem like college students to me...

Have fun!!

LZ said...

OMG I love your photos!!
Linked you!
Will visit here very often!! :D

U r using a DSLR isit?

LucasLost said...

they are my poly friend. u just hurt their feeling. xD

LucasLost said...

ya it is nikon d80 dslr. same to u.... next time i take a photo of my miniature rubic cube and show u.

~Live Life~ said...

Oh! I am so sorry...

But, thats a compliment...if u think from the other perspective...