Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! Hehe....  Yesterday suppose to have a New Year Count down with Joe-Lene, Liyin, Zen Yang and Chin Hou but unfortunately Zen Yang and Chin Hou can't make it to join us. So just left Joe, LY and me. We three end up hangout at MickeyD for new year eve.
Joe-Lene and Liyin with her just permed hair!!! curly curly fries!
Liyin Face while having phone call with Zaolon.... What face is that?????
M actually doesn't stand for Mc. is For Muffin! M for Delicious muffins by Joe!!! Zaolon! You should regret that you went back to Johor so early... You missed out these delicious Banana muffins!
Happy face after you tasted the muffins!! Yum Yum!

What did you all had for your 1st meal in 2009? Haha... this was brough up by Joe! She had McFlurry Orange at 12am 01-01-09! While Liyin had Fillet-O-Fish, and Joe share with me the McFlurry, so end up we all had McDonal for 01-01-09 !! Liyin said we gonna had McD for the rest of 09 for sure... I think that's nightmare!

We did took group photo of 3. But that's on Joe's cam....
Camera is the tools to buy us souvenir! Don't you agree with that?


zaolon said...

YER...I MISS IT...><
need to get used to it..
still got 80 years..wakaka..

joe, if u c tis..
i want banana muffin..

Mei-Wah said...

happy new year!!! :)

~Live Life~ said... first thing that went into my mouth was a cup of Starbucks hot chocolate after standing for 5 hours at the cold (-7 degree celsius...with the wind...its like -17 celsius) in Time Square New York!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Totally agree that photos are the are free souvenirs!!!!

LucasLost said...

sheng.. u are going to have starbuck for the rest of the year!! ahaha..

did ur cam get freezed??? xD

the coldest i had tried was at peak of Mt. KK which is 5c only.... can't imagine ur -17!!!

we should glad that they invented digital camera!

Anonymous said...