Saturday, February 28, 2009

Later I will be sitting for a test

Well what is this test?
Months before, I signed up for Mechanical Engineering - part time degree course at NUS.

Haha... I study Electrical Engineering at Ngee Ann Polytechnic but how come I signed up for ME instead? Well I figure out that I should pick up as many thing as I could while I have the chances.

So now, because I am chancing my Main Sub, the school need me to sit in for an Admission test for it and I totally have no clue on it!

Haha... "Ji kei loh lai suay"
Thanks to Khai Sheng, Zen Yang and my room mate Ah Chew, they provided me with valuable sources to study for the test, but too bad I still have no clue!!!

Doom time.. 2p.m.

ok beside that while i were looking for my Engineering Mechanical book where i studied during my first year, I couldn't find it.
But But but...... i found this instead!

 Ok this is the cover! Let's take a look inside... this card was 3 years old!
This the Front cover page!
This Page sai lei la!!! got the big big signature by Chan Zaolon! Look there... his crayon shin chan!
That's not it, he fill this whole page for himself!!
The phrases inside is just what I needed, even now... even those friends that's not around were passing their birthday wishes down while others write it down for me. Touched! even now! always!
Sai lei la... not enough space to write!! even the hard cover also been writen!!! Who wrote that long long one? Ya I always feel that! everytime I am not OK, sure think of JSPO buddies... Irreplaceable (not from Beyonce)

But now.... most of them were not at home town anymore!!!! but everyone will always remember the time that we all had together!

woot.... later is a gamble! haha...

Part 2 on its way.. real soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

JSPO Concert! (Part 1)

Back to blogging. FF crashes when I browsed to folder that contain .ASX file... Till i removed them manually... Hope the fix it soon.. I don't like IE!

Ok back to the last Saturday Concert!!!
First of all you all you all should follow the photo album at my facebook.
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Actually i shot total of 700+- picture but the FB only allow me to upload 60 pics per album, so i filter them out... Most of them, if any there are request for all the pic to be posted, i will figure out a way to do so... then everyone can enjoy it.

Last Saturday, I followed the JSPO members whole day long since early in the moring at school where they prepare for meeting and heading towards Dewan Sri Pinang.

The last time that I stand there... 2005!

My horn section... everyone is busy cutting their finger nails!
After cutting their nails and short brief from the president chong xiang as well as the drumajor.
So what's next?
It time to move their @sses......
Everyone is busy packing up and moving their instrument... While CX still posing for me. see the moment behind? obviously he is on stand still!
It was early in the morning around 8:30 to 9:00, that's why someone is yawning!

I made a request from the president to tkae group photo before everyone head over to Dewan Sri Pinang. So he told everyone to put their belonging in the bus and out again!!

Haha.. the bus was so packed and is very hard to move around, but they made it for me.. Thanks everyone!


When I took these photo, i feel that they were so death.... no energy! so i yelled is that the spirit of JSPO? should be more energitic!

End up the give me this!

Ok now after taking group photos, time to get back to the squizzing bus and head of to the final destination... ops that that horror movie...

Our student conductor... I find that almost every time the appointed conductors were all same category. YENG!
This is the string bus. The only bus that is not packed! Haha..
I didnt get the chance to took the other bus which i didnt take because the bus is moving...
I had to run back to my Sardin packed bus and squeeze with the others.

This is the condition of the bus i took! Is really packed, I have to stand the whole trip, well... I am suppose so, i didn't pay a sen.

After 40 mins, they finally arrived at Dewan Sri Pinang!

Picture above, the boss were hurrying his subordinator to get down fast!

ok next part will be coming soon.. stay tune!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was called back by HR department to Singapore today but end up I have nothing to do.
The HR department said that I haven't acquire my official result which lead to they can't be prepare my work permit and etc.

Before that, it wasn't suppose to be this case but now it is, so I will only be able to work in April. one long month!

I don't want to sit at home doing nothing anymore, guess i will have to go out and find some job to fill up the emptyness as soon as possible and get paid!

Well before I get the job, more update will be on its ways... first will be the Jspo Concert held last Saturday. I was with them for the whole day since they meet up at school till the back at school around mid night.

So there are a lot to be blogged.

Next Penang Heritage Trial, is a long day and same day as liyin depart to Aus. Well I haven't been able to finish edit all those photo taken.. might take quite some times...


Another tag so must reply lo...
1. The last person you tagged is?
I don't remember...
2. Your 5 impression of him/her?
Haha... I am sure is a good guy/girl. all the best thing can be related to he/she.
3. The most memorable thing that he/she had ever done for you?
Swt... how to do this tag while i don't remeber who?
4. The most memorable word he/she ever spoke to you?
"I don't know"
5. If he/she becomes your lover, you will…
If a she, yea that's good. other than that... i am straight.
6. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will…
well... good too, bcz there is nothing.
7. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on…
tell me who she is. don't want a he.
8. If he/she becomes your enemy, it is because
it drives me crazy
9. The most desirable thing for him/her to do is
Leave me alone.
10. Overall impression towards him/her is
A nobody.
11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
Siao kia.
12. The character for you yourself is
Think too much
13. On the contrary, the character you hate yourself is?
Need motivation.
14. The most ideal person you want to be is
Just be myself.

15. For the person who cares and likes you, say something about him/her?
Thanks for everything they did for me.

16. dont have that much of source to tag. xD

Friday, February 20, 2009

Farewell Liyin...

Yesterday Li Yin finally flew off to Australia - Melbourne. Today followed by Zen Yang. So now Penang left Joe and me. Aiks, everyone is leaving Bukit Mertajam. Soon will be me and follow by Joe. She is the best of all. Her school start 2nd of March and she is flying there on 1st of March! Cool!

It was a surprise to send her off at the airport. None of us(Joe, Yang and me) telling her that we are going to the airport that evening. WE JUST SHOW UP!

well with Liyin around and her 1 GB of Photo a day, keeps the doctor away, of course what we do is take lotsa lotsa picture!
Yea, it took me long enough to edit them with the use of Adobe Lightroom. If you take a lots of picture and would like to edit the color, exposure, fill lights and basic editing. Try it, i am sure you will like it.

Her Dad were the "Videographer" that day. I were taking picture while he taking videos.

Don't know what would the video be?
Oh ya, he was complaining that taking photograph with SLR is so damn troublesome need to do many setting while doing video with a cam recorder, you just keep the device on and start making movie.

Obviously her mom. They have the same nose!

Her lil brother. Actually the youngest lil bro should be present too, if Joe didn't plan to give her surprise, she would be able to pick lil li yang to the airport. xD

One moment he is with videocam, one moment he is with digicam.

Later on I will let the picture do the talking instead.

Since we arrive early, plenty of time to take all sort of picture there. Thanks to her dad.

 I wonder what were we talking about, end up laughing like THAT! beh siu pun.

On the left, Zen Yang worn his shirt inside out, and he just flip through it at the airport. too bad i am too slow, missed it. xD

Beside me, everyone inside this picture are going to Australia! 2 Perth 1 Perth, 1 Newcastle and one Melbourne. (Joe paiseh la....)

All the best for you in Melbourne!

Next time see you in Tasmania during the Winter time!

For the rest of the photo, visit here.

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