Sunday, February 8, 2009


Few days ago I baked a bottle of pipeapple cookies. Somehow a lot of stuff came across my mind while ongoing the process.

Baking cookies is like LIFE.

Before you start, you have to prepare all the ingredient of course you need to find the recipy list first.
Mixing the baking power, sugar, milk, or even salt together is the easy part.
Like everything we do, is easy at first more is yet to come.

Now you all the mixture of poweder. I don't know what to call that but next is... to put them into the mould. This is the most time consuming part of the baking process. Because you have to repeat the same procedure over and over again.
In life, we are doing things over and over again, sometimes we are thinking of giving up. It is a little bit unlike baking cause you can't see the outcome as you do.
So I think in everything we do, Endurance is what we need. On top of that we need persistence to hold on what we believe it. We won't know and is that that the thing that we believe in will came true or not, but what it take is just a little but of Faith.

After getting all the mixture into the mould, you have to start up the over to preheat it to required temperature, this is to make sure the cookies can be baked at a consistent temperature. I am sure we don't want it to be one side cooked while the other side is not.

Same in our life. You just need to be prepare for everything we do. If we never prepare, we are preparing to fail. Let's start up our oven!

Almost the last step now, put the whole tray of cookies into the oven and wait for it.
Waiting is when the time creep slowly while you are eager to know the result of the baking.
Like now... I some how feel that I just can't wait to get 30, and maybe 40 and 50? then what die?
Guess that's the impatient part of me. Slowing down the time and look around might be just what I need at the moment.

After 20mins, its finally done. Spread it with egg york and get it bake to the oven for another 5 mins. That's it! The cookies is done. It is just happy to see the result. Yum Yum...


Live Station said...

wow didnt know there're lots of philosophies in pineapple cookies! LoL

I wanna eat that! yum!

Angel said...

haha..since when u know baking ah?weirdo...or u are really know just that i dunno u know..XD

L i Y i n said...

LOL can relate baking cookies and life. interesting!!!

btw why are you eager to get old so fast? O_O" we human should appreciate every moment we have, the process can be as interesting as the destination! :)

LucasLost said...

that what my mind been thinking while i am baking. just wrote them out. yes its nice... aha too bad cant bring food to aus.

know bits of here and bits of there.

I am just impatient but trying to move it slow. i just cant sit and wait... its feel like killing me myself while the time like creeping.

but now.. i somehow feel that the time really passes by very fast d.
yes will appreciate ever moment for now on. time doesn't wait. when i notice it... it was always too late.