Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Pretty busy day for the 8th day of Chinese New Year! All the Hokkien people were busy preparing for the pray pray ceremony ( I don't know how to phrase it). My Mom is a Hokkien while my dad is Teowchew which mean my grandmother had to pray the sky God!

I am the photographer for the day to have family picture. The last one we had was in 2001 1st of Jan which was the wedding day of my xiao jiu.

this is my da jiu whole family! lol the twins are just adorable! haha... 
my er jiu. i still haven't complete his web page.. aiks.. no.1 hit list.
my xiao jiu! with all girls. xD which is the opposite with my family. all boys.
my family. my mom is the eldest. well all boys. xD my mom and dad want to have a daughter but.. too bad.

time for 全家幅! haha.. I forget when and where i did this pose before, but i am sure i did it with JSPO xD.
Total member of 24 people. Am i wrong? haha... i counted twice.

CNY indeed is a good traditional festival and must celebrate. It brings every family members together and talk about what happened last year thus everyone can get some update of every family members. is good to see everyone gather around.

The thins that shock you is that when you see your cousin and you ask:"Eh you grow so tall d! how old are you now?" then his reply make you stun." wah.... last time I saw you was... or i tot you were...." then it reminds you of how fast you are growing and the time has passes by so fast without you knowing it.


I remember the last Chinese New Year was like yesterday or weeks ago? Well its not because the calender shows 2009 instead of 2008.

After chit chating, drink some beer with my uncle, my grandma starts to get busy again.
After burnign the incent stick or jos-stick, is time to place the 瞑纸. The kids love it.

Is so much that we were aware that it might burn away the sugar cane beside it. xD the sugar cane was planted by ma grandma. that evening i went over and help her chop it down. Itchy itchy to the many many. Do beware of the sugar cane's leaves!

It is Chinese New Year! How can we forget about fire crackers!!
It was kinda irritating for the kids to keep on boom here and there when you were trying to listen to someone conversation, but it is part of the fun!
Luckily after we light up the fire crackers and finish it, then only we were visit by a police patrol car. The police pass by to check things up. Maybe wish for ANG POW! ahaha... we are a multi racial country!
Well before I end it... hereby wishes everyone happy new year again! 
May all the good things happen on you while the bad thing all carried away by the winds.


~Live Life~ said...

Another great post of photos...I knew you will come out with fascinating pictures with your family and relatives...

I especially like the family portraits...full of smiles...I have never seen you taking pictures before...I bet you have your way in making everyone smile...geng!

You have talent in this, Song Keat! God has given you this special gift, utilize it to the best! Keep up the good work man...

piiNkyjess said...

yup i counted THRICE for u. correct. 24 members including u.

hope we get to meet up soon!

wayne said...

oh my god!!!! ur bro is like copy and paste lo... lol... can tell is ur bro!!! hahhaa.。 is 拜天公。。

LucasLost said...

lol is my da jiu idea in making everyone smile... by saying
then everyone whole have to answer

want a photography session? lol it can be arranged!

jess.. ya.. march!

wayne... we from the same mould