Thursday, February 26, 2009

JSPO Concert! (Part 1)

Back to blogging. FF crashes when I browsed to folder that contain .ASX file... Till i removed them manually... Hope the fix it soon.. I don't like IE!

Ok back to the last Saturday Concert!!!
First of all you all you all should follow the photo album at my facebook.
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Actually i shot total of 700+- picture but the FB only allow me to upload 60 pics per album, so i filter them out... Most of them, if any there are request for all the pic to be posted, i will figure out a way to do so... then everyone can enjoy it.

Last Saturday, I followed the JSPO members whole day long since early in the moring at school where they prepare for meeting and heading towards Dewan Sri Pinang.

The last time that I stand there... 2005!

My horn section... everyone is busy cutting their finger nails!
After cutting their nails and short brief from the president chong xiang as well as the drumajor.
So what's next?
It time to move their @sses......
Everyone is busy packing up and moving their instrument... While CX still posing for me. see the moment behind? obviously he is on stand still!
It was early in the morning around 8:30 to 9:00, that's why someone is yawning!

I made a request from the president to tkae group photo before everyone head over to Dewan Sri Pinang. So he told everyone to put their belonging in the bus and out again!!

Haha.. the bus was so packed and is very hard to move around, but they made it for me.. Thanks everyone!


When I took these photo, i feel that they were so death.... no energy! so i yelled is that the spirit of JSPO? should be more energitic!

End up the give me this!

Ok now after taking group photos, time to get back to the squizzing bus and head of to the final destination... ops that that horror movie...

Our student conductor... I find that almost every time the appointed conductors were all same category. YENG!
This is the string bus. The only bus that is not packed! Haha..
I didnt get the chance to took the other bus which i didnt take because the bus is moving...
I had to run back to my Sardin packed bus and squeeze with the others.

This is the condition of the bus i took! Is really packed, I have to stand the whole trip, well... I am suppose so, i didn't pay a sen.

After 40 mins, they finally arrived at Dewan Sri Pinang!

Picture above, the boss were hurrying his subordinator to get down fast!

ok next part will be coming soon.. stay tune!


zaolon said...

certainly miss the old days...
all those pics...
just know a few ppl..
haha..v r getting old...

jaredc said...

zaolon, we are old enough already.. haha!!! still can play ur tuba?? stil can play overture 1812 or lion king??

Joe-Lene said...

we are old until we need to pay for the concert ticket! those alumni who are 3 years above have to pay. this proves that we are really old enough. LOL

choonxuan said...

haha i didnt know we needa pay for the tickets already.3 years above? we are not even employee~

LucasLost said...

lol when i went back.. can say i know the form 5 only... form 4 people is those when we were form 5 they form 1..

and.. hardly know them.

yeah... but don't feel old lea...
look old nvm... stay young in out spirit!

ya.. joe pong cheong lo!! she bought the ticket! well i dint... xD i helper ma...

jared... haha... ur hand still agile enough bah?