Saturday, February 28, 2009

Later I will be sitting for a test

Well what is this test?
Months before, I signed up for Mechanical Engineering - part time degree course at NUS.

Haha... I study Electrical Engineering at Ngee Ann Polytechnic but how come I signed up for ME instead? Well I figure out that I should pick up as many thing as I could while I have the chances.

So now, because I am chancing my Main Sub, the school need me to sit in for an Admission test for it and I totally have no clue on it!

Haha... "Ji kei loh lai suay"
Thanks to Khai Sheng, Zen Yang and my room mate Ah Chew, they provided me with valuable sources to study for the test, but too bad I still have no clue!!!

Doom time.. 2p.m.

ok beside that while i were looking for my Engineering Mechanical book where i studied during my first year, I couldn't find it.
But But but...... i found this instead!

 Ok this is the cover! Let's take a look inside... this card was 3 years old!
This the Front cover page!
This Page sai lei la!!! got the big big signature by Chan Zaolon! Look there... his crayon shin chan!
That's not it, he fill this whole page for himself!!
The phrases inside is just what I needed, even now... even those friends that's not around were passing their birthday wishes down while others write it down for me. Touched! even now! always!
Sai lei la... not enough space to write!! even the hard cover also been writen!!! Who wrote that long long one? Ya I always feel that! everytime I am not OK, sure think of JSPO buddies... Irreplaceable (not from Beyonce)

But now.... most of them were not at home town anymore!!!! but everyone will always remember the time that we all had together!

woot.... later is a gamble! haha...

Part 2 on its way.. real soon!


Joe-Lene said...

omg this birthday card!! so touching!
most of them are xuan's handwritting right? including my wishes. heheheh
i guess you must be very very touched when you received this 2 years ago.

zehang said...

hey good luck in ur test !

LucasLost said...

haha... we looks like we always ask xuan to write! her hand writing too nice... d!!!

haha now i know that 3 years ago we are already called "hiong"!!!

~Live Life~ said...

Too late to wish you good luck!

Anyway...I think the birthday wishes could possibly gave u some luck??

U didn't keep it properly huh? Why can just randomly found it?? ahah...?

LucasLost said...

i kept it... but when i seach for my book, the card was at that place. so it resurface!

hehe.. out of 4 i know 2! is 50% haha... good le ba.
the other 2 really have no idea

zaolon said...

wao...i wrote 1 page...haha...
xuan's de writing meh?
i think no lea..
cuz she at KL tat time,
v oso got send her, i think...

The Warmth Greeting From Hometown!!!
nice lea,..

LucasLost said...

yaya.. wont be xuan. she at kl too...!! xD

ya remember u told me u send to both of us..

kam sia la.. btw enjoy ur holidays at bm!

i will be at sg... KU...