Sunday, March 22, 2009

Visiting Old Folks Home

Wow time sure pass by very fast!
It was already last Thursday that I visited Villa Francis - Home For The Aged.

This event is actually for the students that going to the YEP (Youth Expedition Program) China Xiamen to build a basket ball court for a school. I was also one of the during 07 Sept batch.

To do a post community service is a must before they go to the YEP at Xiamen. Since I have nothing to do at my house, I take this opportunity to join them and make myself useful.

This trip is a little bit different that the past, this time round the EES members with the Student Leaders that is going to be helping in the up coming EE Freshman Orientation Camp is join us in this community service. The total number of people joining were around 50 of them. If I am not mistaken.

Everyone were required to gather at school Atrium @ 12 noon, but as usual, delay is expected.

This is my school Atrium. I going to miss this place soon...

A don't quite remember how long we were waiting there, but after some  while, we finally start moving.
We have to help carry the goods (games equipments, foods as goodies bag for the old folks) up th bus.

Not just girls like to camwhore. Guys too!

The bus was overloaded, so some of the students has to take cab instead.
At the bus it noisy as usual, everyone just cant stop talking.

Focus! Focus!

To reach the old folks home it took roughly about 20 mins from my school. The route was the one I had to take everytime if I am going to Johor.

That's the juction we took before we reach the old folks home.
This Homes is run by the nuns from catholic church, the is also a chapel at the back of the Home.

The students are... hmm not vigilant? The TSO is really working hard.

 After we arrived, we were welcome by sister ... I forgot her name, i actually meet her 3 times before.

Because we arrive at the time were they were having lunch, so we were required to wait for awhile for them to finish up before we can carried out our programs.

The waiting room, erm is not exactly a waiting room, it for the old folks to exercise and hand out!
Mr. Lee were giving explanation about this Homes and how they run it.

The back view of the lovely doves, if i am not wrong they became couple after they went for the YEP trip.

While they were busy with the briefing, I went around to take some photos of the Home.

The Laundry room

Is he John or Peter? I don't know. xD

Soon the event started, we help to move the old folks to the gathering point, the canteen? I don't know what they call it. is a place for them to eat!

Above were all the games that we played with the old folks.
Moving the marble(guli), puzzles, kids bowling, and stamping!

Is not easy to carry out activities with old folks, some of them don't talk, some of them don't like crowd, they prefere to be alone.

I belive that we came to this world with nothing, when we are gone, we also take nothing.
We start from kids and we also end like kids. Just like the Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

After playing games with the old folks, is time for us to perform some dances, songs for them.

We sang a medley of songs, Edelweiss, Red River Valley and also have a dance.

I don't remember the name of the dance... its fun!! which u change partner every round.

After the dance, we started our singing session!

Stephen and I were holding the lyric at front

I was invited by Mr. Lee to sing a song for them, but too bad I never really prepare for it. I forgot the lyric.
So I drag stephen to sing along with me. There the lyric in his phone.

After my turn, is the old folks' turn. I felt a bit like Déjà vu. The same thing had happen 2 years ago and now its repeating again.

Actually I can't really understand what he sang. He need assistant to do so. She was telling him the lyric.

There was also this monster that moving around scarring the old folks....

Around 4P.M. is time for us to pack up and head back to school.
That's the debrief.

These were the students that participated in the community service.
About 30 of there will be going for the YEP at Xiamen.

For the full album click here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

eBay review - LCD Screen for my W580i

Finally I get what the LCD Screen for my W580i today.
Few weeks ago, I email Sony and Ericsson and ask for the price to replace a faulty LCD Screen for W580i, and they told me the price was between the range of SGD 150 ~ 200 without the GST (Government Service Taxes.) after that still have to add another 10 dollar for the service charge.

I think that it was a bit over priced to replace the LCD screen for my old phone, then I started to do some online shopping. The first store that came to my mine was eBay since I already had the eBay account and PayPal long long time ago but I had never bought anything from there before.

I agree that to sign up for an eBay account with PayPal is troublesome, you need a valid credit card to get a fully activated PayPal account. I was using a debit card instead.

The screen I bid for was only less than 7 GBP (Britsh Pound). Including the shipping fees and an optional insurance the totall was about 10 GBP converted to SGD it was around 22 dollar. If you do the maths 22 dollar compared to 150 dollar it was 15% of the total price!

I am glad that the seller is fast in shipping my goods. It arrived in about one weeks time shipped from Hong Kong. The above was the package I receive this afternoon, where i collected it from the post office.

Let's see what is inside the packet.

The White thing is actually the LCD Screen, and there was a T6 screw driver, the blue one is to help in opening the case and surprisingly there was a screen protector included! It was not in the item list that I bided! Yeah thanks him for that!

Since I will be fixing the phone myself, there is no need to pay the service charge of 10 dollar, it's all mine.

Ok that's the screen that is going to be replaced. The first thing to do would be open up the cover of the phone.

Actually I have no idea on how to disassemble the phone because there were only a few screw that can be found. I have no choice but to Google it for the instuction manual to open up the W580i with just a few clicks.

Internet is so powerful where you can get all the knowledge there even on how to make a nuclear boom.

Below is what happen after I found out the manual online.
The W580i was completely being disassemble by me.

That's after I clean up the internal of the phone and connect the new LCD screen back and the phone came back alive!

There were actually a few death pixel but consider what I had paid for, its fair! I have no complain of what I get in return! I will still give the seller 5/5 and a positive review for that.

Next time anyone of you is going to buy from eBay, do get someone with high reputation. And do try to ask the seller a few question before you buy them, so that you know know what how fast is their respond and attitude at doing business. :D

That's all for my review for eBay and disassemble and assembling the W580i

I actually try selling something at the eBay before, but unsuccessful. Might try it again next time!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

JSPO Concert! (Part 4)

Ok it has been a long delay for the last part of the whole concert.
Sorry I been a little bit busy and don't have the Uhm... to blog it out.
Ok now here it is... and lots more even is still on its way.

Btw... do help me to rate my post! I just added the rating feature recently, it might took longer time to load due to its code. So.. please do me a favour ya! Thanks in advance!

* * * * *

Back to the Concert, after their rehearsal and having the dinner again, is time to buckle up and prepare and change into concert uniform!

This the most havoc part of it, everyone was so busy getting here and there, and to make sure that the present themself in the best way.

Especially the guys, most of them don't know how to tie a tie, they were so nervous! Well help out for that!
Everyone loves this mirror! its big and just located beside the stairs to the back stage!
Our lovely president! He just like to take photo!
I find him gave me a very nice pose, so I retouch it and enhance it. xD xiao shuai ge.
This is what happen at the boys changing room. I help you, you help me!

Ops... Hope I doen't reveal anything that shouldn't be posted! I still think the guys help each other more.
In this photo, the former drum major is helping the current drum major with the tie.
This is like Xiao Wang Di! Everyone did a part with his hair!
* * * * *
We have quite some in the dressing room, now after they were ready and all dressed up! Is time to take photo together with them!

This is the collage of the photo I took with them, more on my facebook album.
Now lets us go the the concert night itself.
The opening of the concert night.
Is hard to take photo at low light, need high ISO and wide open aperture to do that, which lead to a lot of noise in the photo and shallow depth of field. >.<

The Emcees. Lovely dover! Haha... the girl were JSPO previous Vice President.
More on the opening ceremony please visit here.
After the opening ceremony here come the JSPO members!

This is the sitting arrangement for the Symphony Orchestra.

There are more, but after the interval, I went to the back stage, let's see what I get from there.

The one in focus is Pei Chi, she's the percussion section leader now.

All these photo really brought back the old memory when I was one of them sitting there, couting down the beats before I get my turn to play.

The most nervous part is when the notes you going to play is a long note and you were the only one that has to play it or the only part. This is because Horn is very hard to control the quality of sound. Is Hard.

This time round, the different thing was there were student conductor. Let's take a look.

She look cool!!! Haha... one word YENG!

Look at the next photo, I believe she is really into the concert!

She is Am Chio or what? Hmm... I wonder... But I am sure she is enjoying it very much!

I shall end the concert part here. The rest will be after the concert. For more you can visit my Facebook or Photoshop Album.
* * * * *
After the concert, I took a few more picture about the atmosphere. I find that this year there were abundance of flower

The guy on the left is her brother. At first sight I thought they were another pair of the lovely dover. I was wrong.
 That's me on the bus! They were playing with the flash of my camera that's why I kept my eye closed.
That's all for the Concert! It was a great one!