Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back From Pulau Ubin Camp With Sexy Voice

Guys, I am back from Camp again. This time I brought myself present! Which is I lost my voice totally after the first day of camp!

It sucks! During the night they were actually having singing sessions and to prepare some songs to perform at the old folks home, which is this comming Thursday. Well I wasn't been able to make a sound for all the singing sessions. They tought that I was sick or something for not making any sound. Its not, is just because I don't have any voice!

No photo available in this trip, I thought the camp would be some camp that require to move a lot and getting dirty, so I kept my wife back at her air tight box. Ops... left her out of the picture.

Nevermind, I will take extra more when I visit the old folks home next few days!

Oh ya... the SOE camp was a blast... which causes me the fever before I went for the camp at Pulau Ubin.
And my team mates had already uploaded the photos! Is not much but is precious!

We are crazy! Our Team name was Power Rangers! Haha... So damn powderful!

This is something more serious.
See me there? Stunned! On purpose! : D

Photo album from Fiona

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