Thursday, March 5, 2009

Doesn't Feel Well

Went for leadership camp for the past few days and it was a fruitful experience to be in it.
I didn't sign up for it because I am going to graduate soon. But how come I end up there?

This is because my lecture, Mr. Lee know that I am jobless so he ask me to replace student that call off in the last minute.

Three days and two nights! It end just like that, well kinda miss the people whom I meet during the camp.
I only can say that the organizer is really good with their team bonding skill.

Now I think I have sore throat again and slightly fever. Arg... why everytime when my pocket got holes, then I getting sick?! Damn it!!

Oh ya Zaolon, enjoy your weekend in Penang! I know how you feel, because I think I have the same feeling as you now.

And I step on my phone and now its spoiled. No more phone for me now. Wonder how the HR department going to contact me....

1 comment:

Angel said...

wat?!u stepped on your phone?like how?so terrible meh?last time i stil rmb when i first got my this hp..that time was school camp..then din saw it..jump and stepped it..also the screen broke nia wor..ended up lost RM280 for that!XD