Wednesday, March 18, 2009

eBay review - LCD Screen for my W580i

Finally I get what the LCD Screen for my W580i today.
Few weeks ago, I email Sony and Ericsson and ask for the price to replace a faulty LCD Screen for W580i, and they told me the price was between the range of SGD 150 ~ 200 without the GST (Government Service Taxes.) after that still have to add another 10 dollar for the service charge.

I think that it was a bit over priced to replace the LCD screen for my old phone, then I started to do some online shopping. The first store that came to my mine was eBay since I already had the eBay account and PayPal long long time ago but I had never bought anything from there before.

I agree that to sign up for an eBay account with PayPal is troublesome, you need a valid credit card to get a fully activated PayPal account. I was using a debit card instead.

The screen I bid for was only less than 7 GBP (Britsh Pound). Including the shipping fees and an optional insurance the totall was about 10 GBP converted to SGD it was around 22 dollar. If you do the maths 22 dollar compared to 150 dollar it was 15% of the total price!

I am glad that the seller is fast in shipping my goods. It arrived in about one weeks time shipped from Hong Kong. The above was the package I receive this afternoon, where i collected it from the post office.

Let's see what is inside the packet.

The White thing is actually the LCD Screen, and there was a T6 screw driver, the blue one is to help in opening the case and surprisingly there was a screen protector included! It was not in the item list that I bided! Yeah thanks him for that!

Since I will be fixing the phone myself, there is no need to pay the service charge of 10 dollar, it's all mine.

Ok that's the screen that is going to be replaced. The first thing to do would be open up the cover of the phone.

Actually I have no idea on how to disassemble the phone because there were only a few screw that can be found. I have no choice but to Google it for the instuction manual to open up the W580i with just a few clicks.

Internet is so powerful where you can get all the knowledge there even on how to make a nuclear boom.

Below is what happen after I found out the manual online.
The W580i was completely being disassemble by me.

That's after I clean up the internal of the phone and connect the new LCD screen back and the phone came back alive!

There were actually a few death pixel but consider what I had paid for, its fair! I have no complain of what I get in return! I will still give the seller 5/5 and a positive review for that.

Next time anyone of you is going to buy from eBay, do get someone with high reputation. And do try to ask the seller a few question before you buy them, so that you know know what how fast is their respond and attitude at doing business. :D

That's all for my review for eBay and disassemble and assembling the W580i

I actually try selling something at the eBay before, but unsuccessful. Might try it again next time!


@ SmalL G!RL said...

walao, lucky u clever!! eiy, ure in Singapore? I thought Msia, lol!! sry..

Mei-Wah said...

work hard on ya ebay, sooner or later someone would purchase from you! :) i'm buying and selling lotsa stuffs on ebay too and i'm loving it~ :)

Angel said...

you so geng leh..haha..whole phone let u "bisect" till like this still can get it whole piece back!next time my phone rosak find you d la!XD

Live Station said...

erm... i've got one account in ebay as well, but still no idea how it functions!

LucasLost said...

small girl
yeah.. i am in singapore from my hometown in Penang. So used to travel around.. but starting work soon in sg.

Mei wah
oh? what is ur id in eBay? let me go take a look!! xD I hope i am able to sell my stuff there! xD

Ya should be no problem if i am in bm! xD at sg... u come find me bah!

Live Station
Hehe... next time if i am going to sell of buy something... i made a tut for u! xD

~Live Life~ said...

Come one!! You are an engineering have to know...haha...

Good job in taking the initiative to do the learn how to disassemble and assemble your phone...

Anyway...remember...persistence and will be successful one day!!

Anonymous said...

congratulation ebay save your money and time. eBay is great...

eBay is the number one international market place for all types of products over the Internet. eBay is an online retailer or ‘e-tailer’ that offers people the opportunity to sell and buy goods online.

fong yee said...

wow,fixed ur mobile phone by yourself.
the pro of studying engineering?

LucasLost said...

that is to fill my curiosity!
open it up, exam it... close it.

U should try that too! but remember to power off 1st.

Anonymous said...

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