Sunday, March 1, 2009

JSPO Concert! (Part 2)

This is the part 2 of previous part 1
After arrived at Dewan Dri Pinang, the first they did were get their asses moved! As fast as possible while the helper will have to carried stuff such as water, food, and etc. to the hall. This year Mrs. Ang is no more with us only Mrs. Chuah Been Chun in charge of the whole situation.

Next will find a spot with your gang and start warming up! Time is critical, I am sure everyone know what i mean here. We always last minute! That short few hours will be the last few hours to practise before the concert!

The Strings will be the parts that going for rehearsal first, so everyone is so busy here.

(is hard for me to pick the photo to be posted. all of them tell something, yet it will make the post too long!!)

At the mean time, the percussion part were also very busy moving their instrument on stage. The helper were also busy arranging the stage and chairs.

After the stage had been prepared, is time to start some serious practise!
After the Strings there were full ochestra practices. This year they had a lot of songs that involved the Strings and there did it very well.

See the Drum above? the bottom support? Well it was broken since long time ago. I help secure it that day. : )

After about 2 hours of practise, is time to refuel! Makan time... this shall be continue in the next part.


shafinaz said...

i love the t-shirt..They still have it?

~Live Life~ said...

Every picture tells a story...hmmm...that's true...

You helped tied that thing up? Geng!

Btw, how did u come up with the scattered photos design? Photoscape?

LucasLost said...

use PICASA!! Hahaha... collage! experience with it...

well not really customizable. But still usable. xD

LucasLost said...

yes they do! need to ask the presidents! want me to help u with that?

triple X said...

the last year concert of us..
time is flying,i'm in form 1 when there was ur last concert..
old liao T_T

Shafinaz said...

Yes..I want that T-Shirt.I hope they still have it..Its very nice..Its been ages since i met JSPO..Miss them so much..Thanks for the photo..But i dont reconized most of them anymore..I wish i can be there...