Saturday, March 7, 2009

JSPO Concert! (Part 3)

Ok is the Makan time!

Our drum major, asking his subordinator to join in for lunch!
Something has not change so far, which is everyone is still much likely to stick with their own clique.
I can say that is good and bad. We should be as one big family! : D

They are the form 5 batch! Going to graduate this year! all the best for them for their SPM!

They even have a surprise for 2 birthday gals!
They were actually doing the formal procedure to receive the gifts! XD I was the one who called for that!

I don't know what dace is that, but I am sure it's interesting! At the point of time, I was busy eating the chicken rice!

* * * * * *

After the lunch break, is time to practise for the philharmonic orchestra! Wait, before that they are going to practice for the mini performance which only involve saxophone and the brass sextet.

this is the saxophones quartet.
This would be the brass sextet. They suppose to perform 2 songs, but at the last minute before the concert, Soon Oo canceled on of it. : X

I like their performance, and I can feel that they are very nervous during the play. Is not easy to perform in front of the crowd which every note you play is critical!

Need not more explanation, after the quartet and sextet practise, is time to go full force with the brass, winds, and percussions.

After the practise, they go for the rehearsal of the opening ceremony, etc.

Well the time passes by without us knowing, is again time for everyone to rest and take their dinner before changing to the concert uniform. ( this will be continue in part 4 - the last part)

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