Sunday, March 15, 2009

JSPO Concert! (Part 4)

Ok it has been a long delay for the last part of the whole concert.
Sorry I been a little bit busy and don't have the Uhm... to blog it out.
Ok now here it is... and lots more even is still on its way.

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* * * * *

Back to the Concert, after their rehearsal and having the dinner again, is time to buckle up and prepare and change into concert uniform!

This the most havoc part of it, everyone was so busy getting here and there, and to make sure that the present themself in the best way.

Especially the guys, most of them don't know how to tie a tie, they were so nervous! Well help out for that!
Everyone loves this mirror! its big and just located beside the stairs to the back stage!
Our lovely president! He just like to take photo!
I find him gave me a very nice pose, so I retouch it and enhance it. xD xiao shuai ge.
This is what happen at the boys changing room. I help you, you help me!

Ops... Hope I doen't reveal anything that shouldn't be posted! I still think the guys help each other more.
In this photo, the former drum major is helping the current drum major with the tie.
This is like Xiao Wang Di! Everyone did a part with his hair!
* * * * *
We have quite some in the dressing room, now after they were ready and all dressed up! Is time to take photo together with them!

This is the collage of the photo I took with them, more on my facebook album.
Now lets us go the the concert night itself.
The opening of the concert night.
Is hard to take photo at low light, need high ISO and wide open aperture to do that, which lead to a lot of noise in the photo and shallow depth of field. >.<

The Emcees. Lovely dover! Haha... the girl were JSPO previous Vice President.
More on the opening ceremony please visit here.
After the opening ceremony here come the JSPO members!

This is the sitting arrangement for the Symphony Orchestra.

There are more, but after the interval, I went to the back stage, let's see what I get from there.

The one in focus is Pei Chi, she's the percussion section leader now.

All these photo really brought back the old memory when I was one of them sitting there, couting down the beats before I get my turn to play.

The most nervous part is when the notes you going to play is a long note and you were the only one that has to play it or the only part. This is because Horn is very hard to control the quality of sound. Is Hard.

This time round, the different thing was there were student conductor. Let's take a look.

She look cool!!! Haha... one word YENG!

Look at the next photo, I believe she is really into the concert!

She is Am Chio or what? Hmm... I wonder... But I am sure she is enjoying it very much!

I shall end the concert part here. The rest will be after the concert. For more you can visit my Facebook or Photoshop Album.
* * * * *
After the concert, I took a few more picture about the atmosphere. I find that this year there were abundance of flower

The guy on the left is her brother. At first sight I thought they were another pair of the lovely dover. I was wrong.
 That's me on the bus! They were playing with the flash of my camera that's why I kept my eye closed.
That's all for the Concert! It was a great one!


Live Station said...

i love the "tie up the tie" photos.. it really reflects 长江后浪推前浪。。 Although I dont know whether the person helping the other is senior or not, but still , there is a strong feeling there..

LucasLost said...

Yeah they were their senior for that picture. : D

~Live Life~ said...

Interesting photos!

Kudos to you!...this is the first time i guess that JSPO concert has so many pictures...with different stories behind each one...

I really wanna go back and hang out with JSPOs...long time d...

Thanks for all the photos, buddy!

specialhuman said...

I somehow regretted that I didn't join brass band when I was in Jit Sin.

Anyway I didn't think I could handle it too. :(