Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chef Jared @ Godiva Chocolatier

See the dessert beside? It's called the macaron au pistachio! Guess who made it?
To be frank I am shock to see such an artistic dessert and it is made my one of my primary cum secondary school friend! He is JARED! He use to have a blog but now its only available to invited readers only.

I came to knew that he made delicious artistic cakes from this blog - Big Boys Oven. Click on that link, you will find yourself with more mouth watering dessert made my Chef Jared.

Few years ago, after we graduated from our secondary school, we all went to pursued our own dream. Some of us stay back, some of us went to college and some of us went overseas. Jared had choosen his path to study at KL. In fact he is supporting himself through the course by himself! Well done here friend! If I would have gone down to KL, I will personally pay a visit to Godiva and try it out and give you my personal testimonial for it!

Godiva Chocolatier Cafe
Level 2
Jln Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

Photo taken from Big Boys Oven

Monday, April 20, 2009

Finding my own pace.

Just now I went to this place again. I been spending most of my time at home during the day and night for almost one month because I am jobless! When I stay at home I would be watching series, reading blogs else I would be sleeping more than 10 hours a day and I sleep during the day time not night time. Kinda feel like I am really a vampire.

Well I feel like I made a great improvement of meyself just now because I finally found my own pace in swiming. Last time the most I can swim at Olympic sized pool which is 50meter in length was 2 laps. This is because I always rushing to finish of something end up I have not enough breath to keep me going for the third lap.

But today is a different day, not because of today is the first day of school for NP students. I made 10 laps non-stop! I think i really made a great improvement and I made it to total of 22 laps today. The first 10 laps was on and off because I can't find my pace yet, after I been swiming for 3 years. I don't swim that often when I haven't came over to sg.

Last year when I was training with Andy, I also getting hard time to find my own pace in running even during the competition of pinacle. I lost my pace which really slow me down because I can't catch my breath. Thanks to Andy slowly help me to get back my pace. I find that, once you are in your own pace, you will be on a smooth ride. You can just keep on going and going without feeling tired at all.

I like to swim because I like water. The sound of the water calms me down and you can hear the sound of you own heart beep and counting it. It's peaceful when to swim at the pool and you feel that you are in control of everything such as, your speed, your breath, your heart beat, your direction, etc.

I should do more before my works start! So next time, I shall try to made it to 20 laps in one go! Yes I know I can do that!

Water - Splash - Freeze

Water booms

Wow, I love the photo I took during the games day for the FOC. Well I didn't stay till the finale because I was too tired and have to get home. My ex-colleague or soon to be colleague from prject deparement invited me for a farewell dinner. It was a great dinner, since I been starving myself for quite some times already.

They had this XO Fish Head Bee Hun, the first thing I ask them was will it make me drunk? awh... I think it does make me feel dizzy... they are very fun people, I remember there was once when Owner and vendor came to our office for 3 days tech and spec discussion with the engineers, so we have to prepare lunch for them everyday.

The first day, we ordered pizza! I ate about 6 slice of large pan pizza... they were shocked with a stunned face. I told them it was normal despite that I am so damn skinny...
The second day we ordered Subway and I seceretly ate three 6 inch of sandwitches. Final day, we order lots of McD this time, I grab 3 Mc Spicy and countless of fries in addition 2 large coke. Since then my mentor never underestimate my food load.

During that dinner, everything that looks likely to be left over, one of them would say:" I knew you are still feeling hungry, RIGHT....?" Hahaha... never let go of the chances and grab them into my mouth... yum yum!

Although I had a great dinner, I miss out the fun that the Freshies were having at the school. They were having talent night where every team is required to came out with their own dace. >.< I heard that it was great! too bad i miss it.... when i reach there they are already having a bidding game. So I end up talking with a few of the freshies... and they were great... haha... pop up a few joke from there too.

OK lets see.... Why is the title Water, Splash and Freeze.

A stream of water - FREEZED.

There are photo that can't be made alone and I to deal with people. Feeling the the more the merrier!

                               Water paper< > I throw my slipper and freezed it.

Guys like to take revenge.

They were playing Dogs and Bones, but in this case... Freshies and the water pail!

The heroes that make the events goes as planned.

That's how the water being treated before the game.

The SL always win, one with a pail another with bucket!

Don't mess with the SLs!

They guy in blue is one of the freshies... Pity him but I am sure he had great fun and a memorable FOC.

That's the Spirit!

Vantage point.

Man on Target!

Mischief Succeed

Waiting for prey

That's all for the updates, more photo on my facebook albums.
To freeze the water, you need high shuttle speed about 1/400 second. then the droplets will be freezed!

Highlight updated.

Did you ever notice that there is a button name "Highlight" at the top navigation bar?
Well i just updated them with post that I like... if you have missed them, do click it.... it not empty now.

and I will keep it updated with  interesting post from time to time.

The about me page... is still not yet done... xD lazy me... don't know how to write about it.
will let you all know when it is there.

Last week there were quite some event going on but I only been there for a few of the events, will be blogging about them after this.

Lol... for the zaolon's butt as a first photo to be display, it is now an advertisment to help zaolon sell his butt.... omg... this idea is from Xuan. originate from facebook. xD

Sunday, April 19, 2009


What do you see inside?

That is a rattan basket! This was taken long time ago during the pre camp for the EE FOP's SLs.
This is something inside the basket! Try look closer...

Well if you still can't spot it....  scroll down slowly...

* * * * *

* * * * *

It's Human! So those fingers belongs to?

Let's look a little bit closer.

The Fingers is trying to free himself our from the "Cage"

Still have no idea who is he? Well next few more photo will surely give u some ideas!

Still trying to free himself

The monster!

XD I am sure you all know the monster inside is me!
But how come I end up inside this thing?
Thanks to Stephen who help in lock me inside this basket!

That is how I end up in the basket!

Luckily my bone is still flexible else I would end up with cracks!
Stephen also try to get in the basket but...

His head is stuck outside of the basket!

A ribbon across his head would be a perfect present!

I suggest Stephen that if he tie a ribbon across his head, I would help him post this parcel to his girl friend!
The best present ever!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zaolon @ SG

Zaolon's butt @ Vivo City

Last weekend Zaolon finally came to Singapore for the first time where he was suppose to turn up in SG during last year Christmas. Anyway, he made it here!

Zaolon, Shaw Chian and I meet up at City hall and we started to walk around none stop. It was really tiring to to walk for 17km for this walk around SG.

Suntec City - Fountain of Wealth

Since Zaolon is going to have his final soon, so we bring him to the Suntec City's Fountain of Wealth!
Pay a visit here before your exam, the water will bless you will good luck.

Personal testimonial:
This year I got a book prize for Lighting Control Technology! The last presentation my team was to do research regarding the indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. For the outdoor lighting, we had choosen Suntec City's Fountain of wealth as our subject!

This was taken as the material for my LTC presentation

I guess the sprinkle of water from the fountain really bring good luck and that's the reason I got the book prize for it! (final year book prize is 200 dollar per module!)

ops, back to Zaolon.

Vivo City

The cranes behind Zaolon is from the Port of Singapore.
We were suppose to go Sentosa Island so that we can observe and take picture with the girls with bikini, but the weather turn cloudy and start to rain... Too bad for Zaolon. He is out of luck today... but is a good thing too... he doesn't have to go back Johor with broken heart (if you know him well, you know what i mean).

Clark Quey

We walk from one place to another and eventually we reach Clark Quey. This is also the first time I came here... before that, I only went to Boat Quey. This place is full with clubs!!! Hmm... haven't been to club before... Next time have to pay them a visit...

We were already starving for walking the whole day, so next stop... China town for some local foods!

China Town

I felt that I always pay visit most often because I like the foods there especially the Gluttonous rice balls in Peanut soup!
Lately i really fall in love with Penut butter! I just can't resist myself from eating them plain!!
I had finished 2 bottle in less than one month! opps... I should stop eating them!

Oh Zhen, Carrot cake, Mix Grill, Fried Prawn Noodle, Koay Zhap, Dessert!

That's our dinner for the night! Yum yum! Thanks to Chain for treating both of us! It has been quite awhile ago since I really fill my stomache with so many foods!

The next day, Zaolon came over my school to reformat his laptop. I find that dell recovery system is very useful! Just a few clicks you can fully restore you OS! No cd is needed!

After that, we went for a swim at my school's swimming pool!
Ngee Ann Polytechnic Swimming Pool

That was taken awhile ago while I walk around with my camera.
Both of us spend about an hour + soaking ourself in the pool!

Well that's Zaolon's trip at SG. He is sooooooo lazy that he ask me to write on his behalf, so that people who like to know what had he done during his time at SG, he can easily refer them to my blog instead. xD

Hope the next visit will be coming soon!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Graduate with Merit!

Happy to know that I finally know me Diploma grade.
I am able to graduate with the Diploma with Merit.

I also got the acceptance letter from NUS for the part time Mechanical Engineering even though I graduate as Electrical engineering. Remember I told you all I only manage to finish 2 question out of 4 question given during the admision test? xD Still the give a place for me in the University.

But I still waiting for EEE part time notification from NTU. Which one to choose if i have both?

Last but not least, I am still unemployed. My company still having trouble getting me the working permit. Jobless and poor....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

UNESCO Heritage - Penang

It has been past two months where Zen Yang and I went around Penang Heritage area which is part of the UNECSO Heritage program. It was the same day where we went to sent Liyin off at the airport.

This idea was brought up by Zen Yang, and our goal is try to visit as many places as we could out of 36 places listed in this brochure.
So Penangtis out there, have you ever visited 50% of the places listed in it?

If you want to know more about the history of Penang, Visit here. This is the official website of "Visit Penang". All events that will be held in Penang is updated there and is up to date unlike other Malaysia government web that look dead...

Btw, I am not going to post all the picture, decide to have a album itself somewhere, so here would be some that I picked out.
The official logo for UNESCO Culture Heritage @ Penang

A video explain everything

Now let's see how many places we (Zen Yang and I) visited.

First stop we head straight to the Penang Tourist Information Center.
It was actually pure luck, that we arrive at that place as our first stop.
The night before, I had used my iPod Touch to loaded all the maps required for the heritage trails, but the ipod need to be jailbroken (a hack that allow you to do almost what ever you want with your iPod). But at the end, getting a map at the Information Kiosk prove to be more efficient.

The layout of the heritage area (core zone). No.B (refer to the brochure)

In case you want to know where is this place, it is located at Armenian Street.
If you watched the video, it says: "What is usual to you is extraordinary to others".

Armenian Streets in the morning.

The building in the middle is the Islamic Museum. No.26

The front view of the museum and the description of it.

The musuem is just located around the corner of the Infomation center. By walking down the street is the Dr. Sun Yat Sen's Penang Base.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen's Penang Base. No.25

If you plan to visit this place, you have to be on time which is not too early nor too late. It only open for a short period. We missed this place, first time stop by we were too early and while on the way back it was too late.

Yap Kongsi Temple No.24
Down the road we reach Yap Kongsi Temple. I find that last time when our ancentor came over to Tanah Melayu (There isn't a Malaysia back then) they started a lot of Kongsi (kongsi means company) and their theme were all temple. I wonder why.

Vibrant colour and craft.

For the next stop, we head for the Cheah kongsi which is No.21. I believe that, due to Penang took part in UNSCO World Heritage, they had a lot of funding to renovate the places to make to make them look new. Most of the craftmen were brought over from China. Skill importing to repair those broken parts.

HDR version of Cheah Kongsi. No 22.

Incense burner and the Taoist temple's roof decoration.

There is something I pick up while I learn to to photography. Don't always try to capture all in one shot. Go near or zoom in, let the others too fill in the blanks themselves.

Taking photo at the temple is hard, the lighting is low there are a lot of photo were blurred due to the handshake.

Next stop is to fill in our hungry stomach!
We came across a shop where it claim that the sell  on of the best Koay Teow in town. Well it does taste good when I am one of the hungry ghost lurking around. XD

The Koay Teow Soup Store and Trishaw.

After filling our stomach, is time to move again, and the next stop is Khoo Kongsi, No. 22. Which is the most famous temple around Armenian Street. The most famous one is the Kek Lok Si temple which I didn't pay it a visit this time round.

The entrance to Khoo Kongsi. No.22

Zen Yang was there to pose for me. This is actually the first time I visit Khoo Kongsi after living in Penang for 21 years and we really can't judge a book by its cover. The entrance is nothing compare to the temple itself.

Khoo Kongsi Temple.

Khoo Kongsi Temple HDR

I arrived at the Khoo Kongsi around noon, which is the worst time to take photo, I have no choice but to take 3 photo of different exposure and merge them into one to create the High Dynamic Range copy out of it.

The pillars

This is also an HDR version. Too bad I never had a tripod with me, else it would be lot more sharper.

The Fu Dog to guard you from the killing forces.

Did you ever notice that there is always a pair of Fu dogs? While if you look closer they are actually made up of a male Fu Dog and a female Fu Dog. But how to you differentiate them?

You can know by looking at the paw. On of them is holding a ball, while the other is a cub. Sometimes the is at the mom's mouth. While there are cases that both of them were just holding balls. This I don't know why.

Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh. No. 23

This mosque is an old mosque I don't think they still use it for prayer. The new mosque is call Kapitan Keling Mosque.

We then walk along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling to Little India (Marked A). So what to see at Littile India?
There were a lots of pegeon around and the scents of the oil Indians use is very distinct. The scents is to let their God differentiate them among from non believer. The oil isn't cheap.

The strees view we passed to reach Lebuh Queen on the right.

Mahamariamman Temple at Little India. No. 18

Hindu temple is full with their God and Goddess.

On the left one, did you notice the elephant on top? It is to say that it block all the evil force out from the temple before you entered them.

There is a story behind it. It is made of of Lord Shiva the father of the elephant header god namely Ganesha and his mom Sati.

Once upon a time, while Sati was pregnant with Ganesha, Lord Shiva was outside hunting while Sati gave birth to Ganesha. After she gave birth to Ganesha, she told her son to guard the door ( he grew up very fast ) and not to let anyone come into the house. But on that day, his dad came home from hunting.

They both never get a proper introduction before and never even meet each other. Ganesha stop his dad from entering the house. Lord Shiva is also call the Destroyer, He had bad a really bad temper. He was so angry that after he back from hunting someone else is stopping him entering his own house.

So He took out his sword and slayed of his son's head without knowing the truth behind it. Sati heard the noise outside the house so she came over and take a look. She was shocked to see Lord Shiva had cut of his own son's head. When Lord Shiva knows that it was a mistake he tried to revive his own son.

At the point of time, an elephant was around, so He pulled out his sword and cut of the elephant's head and fix it to His son's head. That is why Lord Ganesha had an elephant head. He also also known as a protecter of the house or family.

This story was told to me when I first came to Singapore and followed the Overseas students orientation day. That day, we toured around the town and stop by Singapore's Little India.

Next stop, Teow Chew temple which is located a long the Lebuh Chulia. This temple is Longer than it looks.

Teow Chew Temple. No.20
Wood crafts at the pillars.

Teow Chew Temple is mostly funded by the their own Teowchew dialag group. They mostly came from a part of Chaozhou when Malaysia was still in British colonization.

This is the junction of Lebuh Buckingham and Lebuh Masjid Kapitan Keling

The shop around this area are mostly money changer which is some sort of business district. The mosque is just on the left of this junction.

Kapitan Keling Mosque. No.19

We were lucky that we arrived here early before they start their praying session in the afternoon. We were allowed to walk around the mosque compound but we are forbidden to go into the hall where they held their praying. F.y.i if you wanted to visit a mosque, you have to wear appropriately such as long pants that cover your knees and for girls, you have to wear blouse that cover at least up to your shoulder.

The other section view of the mosque.

After we pay a visit to the mosque which was also the first time that I actually step into a mosque, we headed to Cheah Kongsi which we missed it during the early of our trip. I actually find that it was actually a base for the Communist during the Malayan Emergency. I said that because there were photo and also symbol of the "sun" around the building.

Cheah Kongsi. No. 21

I believe that you can always find pond or fountain at Chinese temple because it is part of the Fengshui. Water equal wealth. Having a pond or fountian is believe to accumulate wealth for their descendents.

The distinc patterns of Chineses temple, and the distorted entrance reflected through a convex mirror.

Above are all the places you can reach by walking around and Cheah Kongsi was the last place we visited before we headed back to our car for other places of interest.

This was hung in front of someones doors. Who knows what are they for?

Ok, then we back to our car and head towards the Church Street Pier.
I really have no idea what special is it about this place. So if you know it, you can tell me, else it would be fun to you to find it out right?

Church Street Pier. No. 17

The water front view from the Church Street Pier.

The clock tower you see the the above picture is the Malayan Railway Building. That's our next destination.
If I never follow this trail with Zen Yang, I would never knew that Penang island once had train running around! Now I know.

Malayan Railway Building. No. 18

In Penang Island, I find that there are a few iconic building all had clock on them. Is it that during the old time, people can't afford to get a watch on them?

Next the Clock Tower which located beside Fort Cornwallis.

Clock Tower. No.1

This shot wasn't good at all. The day was so hot, I start to rushing in taking photo. Didn't really use my brain well. Next time shouldn't rush like this anymore. Regret.

After taken this shot, we head the the Fort Cornwillis a fort that never use in a battle before.

The statue in the photos, He is Francis Light. Wonder what he is looking at.

This fort is quit big, in fact that I past here a lots of time and I don't even know that you can go in there. Don't mention about it is a fort. I thought it was a prison.

You can't miss out taking photos with the canons. Its everywhere.

This is biggest cannon of all.

We spend quite a lot of time around to fort, reading it history and the artifacts that were found.

A campfire site and an old rusty ancient lock.

I was right after all, there are prisons in the fort. Is it too keep their own Mad Sailor out of town. In Malaysia we call Caucasian Mat Salleh.
i.m.o. this is because during the old time, when their ship docked, the sailor went to the bar and drink till drunk, so they were as if that they were mad. Maybe we get the pronunciation wrong. Mad sailor soon turn into Mat Salleh.

Aerial View from the Observation tower.

Before I climb up this tower myself, I also thought that it was for show only.
Further more, I been having parade around this place for quite a few times and I don't know anything about it till now.

After climbing up and down the observation tower, which is very tiring and hungry! We then head over to 3 places where they were located almost next to each other.
These places were the War Memorial, Town Hall and City Hall.

War Memorial. No.3
City Hall. No.4

Town Hall. No.5

There is a big field in front of these building and it is called "Pandang Kota Lama" or Esplanade. This field does bring back the old memories. I had a perade during National Day at here before, Channel 8 summer concert here, and also S.H.E concert which end up in the big pour of rain.

The Dewan Sri Pinang is just behind the Town Hall where I had been there muiltiple times for JSPO concerts!

After that, we continue visiting the famous Goddess of  Mercy's Temple.

A flocks of Pigeons

Zen Yang went over to disturb them.

Goddess of Mercy's Temple. No.13

We arrive here almost the evening which makes the light not possible for photography too. If you noticed the shadow, the temple were almost backlit, I have to use the HDR method again to review the shadow and highlight area.

This temple is very crowded during the Chinese New Year season and you would have to squeeze youself in it.
The Bird at top and the fan made of feathers.

Is that phoenix? It look so majestic. It is like standing on its throne!

St. George's Church. No.12

One thing special about Malaysia is that, you can always find different religious having their temple very close to each other. The church above is just walking distance away from the the previous temple.

Next is the Cathedral of Assumption.

Cathedral of Assumption. No.10

In the between the cathedral and the church is the Penang State Musuem. No.11 but we arrived there it was already too late. So we miss the chance to get in there...

We then head to the Penang Peranakan Mansion and it was closed too.

The Penang Peranakan Mansion. No.15

We can only visit the outsite od this building. that's too bad for us.

Reflection. What to look at?

A temple beside the Peranakan Mansion

F.y.i. the most expensive place to visit is the Peranakan Mansion. The entrance fees is 10 ringgit. But the fees you paid will be used for the maintainance of the mansion.

They are the King Street Temples. No. 14

They are they last places that we visited. Phew.... took me really long time for me to reach the end of the post... Hope you all take your time to enjoy this entry.

Zen Yang mark and check on the map.