Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chef Jared @ Godiva Chocolatier

See the dessert beside? It's called the macaron au pistachio! Guess who made it?
To be frank I am shock to see such an artistic dessert and it is made my one of my primary cum secondary school friend! He is JARED! He use to have a blog but now its only available to invited readers only.

I came to knew that he made delicious artistic cakes from this blog - Big Boys Oven. Click on that link, you will find yourself with more mouth watering dessert made my Chef Jared.

Few years ago, after we graduated from our secondary school, we all went to pursued our own dream. Some of us stay back, some of us went to college and some of us went overseas. Jared had choosen his path to study at KL. In fact he is supporting himself through the course by himself! Well done here friend! If I would have gone down to KL, I will personally pay a visit to Godiva and try it out and give you my personal testimonial for it!

Godiva Chocolatier Cafe
Level 2
Jln Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

Photo taken from Big Boys Oven


~Live Life~ said...

Once ago, being in the same band practices...Now, in a blink of an eye become such amazing chef...I am pretty impressed...

I always admire him as he took the road less taken...

I believe he has a bright future ahead, jia you Jared!

LucasLost said...

That's indeed the road that less taken...

when u back to ukm, you then can go over and taste it for yourself!

yum yum!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow you guys are such a great bunch of mates! Will be envy by most. Friendship to Treasure.

jaredc said...

hey hey u guys.. thanks yea!!!

zehang said...

aww ~~
i wanna try !

LucasLost said...

ask jared bakeD!!