Monday, April 20, 2009

Highlight updated.

Did you ever notice that there is a button name "Highlight" at the top navigation bar?
Well i just updated them with post that I like... if you have missed them, do click it.... it not empty now.

and I will keep it updated with  interesting post from time to time.

The about me page... is still not yet done... xD lazy me... don't know how to write about it.
will let you all know when it is there.

Last week there were quite some event going on but I only been there for a few of the events, will be blogging about them after this.

Lol... for the zaolon's butt as a first photo to be display, it is now an advertisment to help zaolon sell his butt.... omg... this idea is from Xuan. originate from facebook. xD

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