Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How do you play with a watermelon

Ops the title is a bit misleading, I didn't play with a watermelon, I just took a few photo with it before I put it into my stomache!

It also happen the same day I knock my head... but not with this watermelon... details in previous post.
Since my room mate bought this at 5 SGD, we are not going to let it goes into our stomache so easily. We torture it!

The watermelon is sweating-_-"

At first we both thinking of eating it stright away, but... we are not able to lay our teeth in it. Take a look below.

The watermelon was trembling and sweating like mad.

My advise is don't try this. It doesn't work at all and it might hurt you teeth.

Stabbing in actions. Poor watermelon

This is by using slow sync with the build in flash. Which mean the flash fired just before the shuttle closed.

* * * * *
Is about time that we dissect the watermelon and put it into our stomach. So how do you do that? I first skinned the watermelon.


Yes I did skin the watermelon but just a part of it. I am not going to torture the watermelon before putting them into my mouth.

That's how it looks like after being skinned off by me. Quite hard actually
Because the melon is really big and heavy.

Finally I carve a 'L' on my half. Cold blooded am I? Yes I believe so...

After that, is time for me to enjoy my mouth watering watermelon. After being torture by me room mate and I, the watermelon sweat till not much water left inside. So next time, you all shouldn't have do anything silly with you watermelon before eating them up.

This is because eventually you will have to pay for it and its not worth it.

The post above is just a joke, no fruits are harmed during the production of the photo and it still taste the same.


choonxuan said...

why skin the watermelon one?
so weird...usually ppl just CUT it?

~Live Life~ said...

That's when somebody gone crazy...and got another partner gone crazy too...haha...

Anyway...kudos for y'all creative work...

Like a cold-blooded rapist...haha...molested...bit...stabbed=poked...skinned...carved...even ate!!! You don't do this to 我的美人!Of course "she" was harmed...i gonna sue u...wakaka...

I think that "slow sync" thing was pretty cool...the knife seemed like semi-transparent...

LucasLost said...

of course eating watermelon doesn't require us to skin it.

Just for fun.. since is expensive, so have to spend more time with it.

yea.. i am like jack the ripper, at the end i actually rip it into halves, but the watermelon really tough, so have to cut it instead.

aiks, too bad sheng u not lawyer, abo i am going to hide for awhile.

yea you can read the manual of ur camera, mostly got the function is either "slow sync" or "rear sync"

Live Station said...

geezzzz i didnt know watermelon can sweat until like that one... LOL super funny lar you two

Hshing said...

Don't mess with a WATERMELON = =
funny ^^lll