Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kukup Trip

The bus station at Kukup.

Last weekend I end up in Kukup, a finsihing village at Johor.
The night before heading to Kukup, I spend a night at my room mate house in Johor, besides that, I also attended his cell group it was a nice meeting.

At Saturday morning, we had to wake up early to meet up others that came over to meet up with us at Larkin bus station. We were suppose to meet up at 9, but the others were late again. This cause Ah Chew and I waiting at the McD for an hour or more. While waiting for them, both of us also spend some time walk around the morning market at Larkin Bus Station and he bought a bunch of Banana. The banana were later on use to feed some monkeys!

After everyone arrived, we get on the bus no. 96 and head toward our desitination! The journey were about  an hour from larkin and the bus also stop at Pekan Nanas but I don't notice any nanas available there...

After arrive at the bus stop shown above ^, we have to take another bus to the fish village which is another 30 mins more. Its a long jorney! Since when we arrive, the bus wasn't there yet, so I took out my camera and took a few snap!

The buses that stop by.

Its a small town at Kukup, the traffic were light.
We were also ask by the taxi driver that waiting for passenger, they ask for 5 ringgit per person but we refuse to hire them, we insist to take the bus which cause us 2.90 ringgit.

The Pigeons

Soon the bus came and we all hope into it, as soon as I get myself seated, I dozed off! That's the best thing you can do when you were on a long journey! The atmosphere were so warm, it makes you feel sleepy.

This shelter lead you straight to the custom at Kukup.

Wonder why there is a custom at Kukup?
This is because you can take speed boat from here to Indonesia in about 45mins~!
There were a lot of tourist that came here, aspecially from Indonesia.

Terminal Feri Antarabangsa Kukup, Johor

Wait, are you thinking that we are going to take the feri?
No, no you are wrong, we already reach the destination, this is the place we came for. The fish village is just on the left of the picture above.

 The first stop we head for is "Fill our stomache!" I am starve we reach there. Luckily that the trip included our lunch! So what do we still waiting for? straight away we headed right to the designated seafood restaurant.

The fishing village.

Those are fish farm.

Before our lunch was served, we took some snapshot.

The older one, is a TSO from my school. He never teach me before because he is from ECE.

They are handling small fish use to feed the fish at the fish farm.
Once the lorry stop by at the harbour, these boat just came almost instantly. The were like the fish being feed.

* * * * *

After finished out lunch, we start to move again, now we are heading to our so called chalet!
It was just a few minute walk into the alley between the shops. Then we reach our home for the night.

A house like this cost about 400 thousand to build.
They were standing on these pillar.

When we arrived, it was low tide, so we can see the seabed clearly. Its all mud and we can see... some kinda fish lurking around

This the view of the corridor outside from the house we stay.
Now let's see what is lurking at the muddy seabed!
The first one


The second one

I don't know what you call this. Its seem like it can live with or without water.

There is still a third one, but i leave it for later.

As soon as we arrive there, I went off to took my bath and start to walk around the place and I too a shots that I love it!

Does this photo looks uneven? This is because the gangway itseld is slanted and the horizon is a little but tilted.
This is the very end of the gangway. where boat anchor.
This is edited with Lightroom, by changing the Hue of the water and saturate selective colour.

This is the same gangway, but from the opposite view. Enchanced Green.

A Lamp Post. Just outside my house.

Oh ya, I still haven't show you all the view from the back of my chalet.

It has great view where you can see the forest and the sea.

And this is the place where we discovered the third creature at the muddy sea bed!
The Monkey! It came over because my friends feed them with banana.

In the evening a few of us went to fly kite. We thought it will be easy to fly kite here but we were wrong, because it was evening which is the time were the winds direction start to change from land to sea. The wind was so unstable end up my kite always fell into the muddy seabed. Yes I failed to fly kite....

* * * * *

So it's night time, without high light pollution, I was able to spot the Ursa Major with bare eyes! This is the first time spot 7 of them!

Ursa Major @ 97sec exposure.

This is also the first time that I discover that my camera is able to use 'bulb' mode! I was so excited that i forgot to change to RAW format... awh...
Bulb mode is where we manually control how long we want the shuttle to stay open to record the light.

There were a few more, but I don't know what are they.

They were all long exposure picture with more than one minute.

The bottom 3 were taken at almost dawn where we were waiting for sunrise!

This is also the first time I took picture of sunrise.

Self portrait by using automatic shuttle.

This was taken before the sunrise. its barely there. We waited for about an hour here for the lazy sun to creep out from its bed.

More of us joining me!
The sky turn dramatic when the cloud stars to disperse.
A panoramic view of the the Johor coast line. Click on the photo for larger print.

Besides taking Panoramic shots, I also took a portrait shot. Take a look. It tells you more about the sky.

Before the sunrise, a big bird flew past the sky. Ops it is a plane.

After this is the time were the sun finally risen.
Sunrise! It was 7am+ where the sun finally surfaced!

This is more like egg yolk.

I take this opportunity to grab one for my breakfast! I have to pop the flash to avoid backlit.

Of couse I won't forgot to do something silly! I was jumping at the pathway where it is less than 10 feet wide. Scary!

I am not pointing my middle finger...
As soon as we saw the sun, it's like a running horse, soon it was already above our head... which mean is time to head back to out chalet. We were exhausted, the first thing we do were to sleep, we have been staying awake for the whole night waiting for sunrise.... actually we were playing mahjong the whole night.

I just discovered that when I slept my eyes were half open! I better not go to Africa.
There are flies that lay eggs on animals eyes and the larva will craw inside the eyes socket. Creepy!

While I was sleeping, My friends get to play with my camera. One of the shots that I like it.

The Departure

Yeah, after the birds departed, is our turn. We started to pack up and head over to visit the fish farm! This time we took boat!

Business Class

We had business class seat, because we were all seating at the front of the boat!

It just a few mins ride to the nearest fish farm.
Even though you can see there are a lot of fish farm around, only 2 of them were available for tourist to visit.

Me and my roomate, the fish farm is going to topple!

The Kid were showing us the fishes keep in the net. The depth of the net can reach 15m deep if I am not mistaken.

A preserved lobster.

 Spot that? It is a sea horse!

There were quite a number of photo taken but I am not going to upload all of them, I am trying to sort out which is meaningful and which is not, which is part of the task and skill I have to learn. 要懂得取舍。

On the way back, is time for us to take some photo as our souvenir in Kukup.

The three musketeers? But this is not the one from slumdog millionaire

Is me, so I won't forget to do my signature move!

I am the Superman! Better don't fall.

The lovely dovers!

After spending hours at the fish farm, is finally time for us to go home.
Oh wait, before that we still have to fill our stomache with seafoods!

7 of us that spend 2 days one night at Kukup.


huishing said...

by the way,is tat counted as fish village?
the sunset was beatiful~~

specialhuman said...

Hey dude you remember me? :)

and i have to admit that you got really cool photography skill.

anyway the pictures are really huge and it's taking ages to load! XD

Btw I have linked u. :)

LucasLost said...

Haha.. it is fish village. just that the raring the fish so is called fish farm.

is sunrise.. >.<

ya.. i already try my best to resize them.. but too keep the quality of it, i hardly compress them. so that by being a little bit patient, you can enjoy better visual satisfaction.

yea... i keep you linked too...

i use my google reader all the time.

@ SmalL G!RL said...

the pigeons, the lamp pose, the sunrise, all beautiful!!

it's lovely to be able to watch sunrise yes?

er, u asked me to drink coffee? coffee of wat kind? just coffee? or nescafe? or how? coz i dno how to drink coffee really works? den i gta try, thankie

huishing said...

haha,sorry bout tat..
dunno how to differentiate sunrise and sunset...= =

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Ht said...

Hi, do you still have the contacts for the 2 fish farms that are available for tourists to visit?

Eng Song Keat said...

012 7503650
Happy vacation!

pinky said...

Hi i just want to know how to take bus from larkin to kukup and how much is the bus fare? Thank you so much:)

ainaamy said...

hey the first picture was Pontian Express Bus Terminal . :) .

Eng Song Keat said...

yeap! u must have enjoy that place as well!

ainaamy said...

where i live ;)

Eng Song Keat said...

wow ainaamy! that's a lovely place! its peaceful slower pace... unlike city life... pace are so fast and is hard for you to slow down and look at things around you!

love that place!

thisisaina said...

well i suggest you to go to taman negara tanjung piai . end of the land of asia . :D . its really peaceful there . u should go there when you go to pontian again . =D

David mak said...

Just came back form a visit to Kukup. The fishing village is a very nice place to stay near the sea. However over the years of pollution, it becomes a very dirty village on the dirty sea. The sea food restaurants prepare food unhygienic which make you lost your appetite. In the end I left without eating.