Monday, April 20, 2009

Water - Splash - Freeze

Water booms

Wow, I love the photo I took during the games day for the FOC. Well I didn't stay till the finale because I was too tired and have to get home. My ex-colleague or soon to be colleague from prject deparement invited me for a farewell dinner. It was a great dinner, since I been starving myself for quite some times already.

They had this XO Fish Head Bee Hun, the first thing I ask them was will it make me drunk? awh... I think it does make me feel dizzy... they are very fun people, I remember there was once when Owner and vendor came to our office for 3 days tech and spec discussion with the engineers, so we have to prepare lunch for them everyday.

The first day, we ordered pizza! I ate about 6 slice of large pan pizza... they were shocked with a stunned face. I told them it was normal despite that I am so damn skinny...
The second day we ordered Subway and I seceretly ate three 6 inch of sandwitches. Final day, we order lots of McD this time, I grab 3 Mc Spicy and countless of fries in addition 2 large coke. Since then my mentor never underestimate my food load.

During that dinner, everything that looks likely to be left over, one of them would say:" I knew you are still feeling hungry, RIGHT....?" Hahaha... never let go of the chances and grab them into my mouth... yum yum!

Although I had a great dinner, I miss out the fun that the Freshies were having at the school. They were having talent night where every team is required to came out with their own dace. >.< I heard that it was great! too bad i miss it.... when i reach there they are already having a bidding game. So I end up talking with a few of the freshies... and they were great... haha... pop up a few joke from there too.

OK lets see.... Why is the title Water, Splash and Freeze.

A stream of water - FREEZED.

There are photo that can't be made alone and I to deal with people. Feeling the the more the merrier!

                               Water paper< > I throw my slipper and freezed it.

Guys like to take revenge.

They were playing Dogs and Bones, but in this case... Freshies and the water pail!

The heroes that make the events goes as planned.

That's how the water being treated before the game.

The SL always win, one with a pail another with bucket!

Don't mess with the SLs!

They guy in blue is one of the freshies... Pity him but I am sure he had great fun and a memorable FOC.

That's the Spirit!

Vantage point.

Man on Target!

Mischief Succeed

Waiting for prey

That's all for the updates, more photo on my facebook albums.
To freeze the water, you need high shuttle speed about 1/400 second. then the droplets will be freezed!


~Live Life~ said...

I love the stream of water - freezed especially....

Cool pics...but your camera always run a risk of getting wet...

LucasLost said...

That's true... every time I see the water coming my way... my instinct is to turn my back on them. xD

higher the risk. the greater the pay out? xD