Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zaolon @ SG

Zaolon's butt @ Vivo City

Last weekend Zaolon finally came to Singapore for the first time where he was suppose to turn up in SG during last year Christmas. Anyway, he made it here!

Zaolon, Shaw Chian and I meet up at City hall and we started to walk around none stop. It was really tiring to to walk for 17km for this walk around SG.

Suntec City - Fountain of Wealth

Since Zaolon is going to have his final soon, so we bring him to the Suntec City's Fountain of Wealth!
Pay a visit here before your exam, the water will bless you will good luck.

Personal testimonial:
This year I got a book prize for Lighting Control Technology! The last presentation my team was to do research regarding the indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. For the outdoor lighting, we had choosen Suntec City's Fountain of wealth as our subject!

This was taken as the material for my LTC presentation

I guess the sprinkle of water from the fountain really bring good luck and that's the reason I got the book prize for it! (final year book prize is 200 dollar per module!)

ops, back to Zaolon.

Vivo City

The cranes behind Zaolon is from the Port of Singapore.
We were suppose to go Sentosa Island so that we can observe and take picture with the girls with bikini, but the weather turn cloudy and start to rain... Too bad for Zaolon. He is out of luck today... but is a good thing too... he doesn't have to go back Johor with broken heart (if you know him well, you know what i mean).

Clark Quey

We walk from one place to another and eventually we reach Clark Quey. This is also the first time I came here... before that, I only went to Boat Quey. This place is full with clubs!!! Hmm... haven't been to club before... Next time have to pay them a visit...

We were already starving for walking the whole day, so next stop... China town for some local foods!

China Town

I felt that I always pay visit most often because I like the foods there especially the Gluttonous rice balls in Peanut soup!
Lately i really fall in love with Penut butter! I just can't resist myself from eating them plain!!
I had finished 2 bottle in less than one month! opps... I should stop eating them!

Oh Zhen, Carrot cake, Mix Grill, Fried Prawn Noodle, Koay Zhap, Dessert!

That's our dinner for the night! Yum yum! Thanks to Chain for treating both of us! It has been quite awhile ago since I really fill my stomache with so many foods!

The next day, Zaolon came over my school to reformat his laptop. I find that dell recovery system is very useful! Just a few clicks you can fully restore you OS! No cd is needed!

After that, we went for a swim at my school's swimming pool!
Ngee Ann Polytechnic Swimming Pool

That was taken awhile ago while I walk around with my camera.
Both of us spend about an hour + soaking ourself in the pool!

Well that's Zaolon's trip at SG. He is sooooooo lazy that he ask me to write on his behalf, so that people who like to know what had he done during his time at SG, he can easily refer them to my blog instead. xD

Hope the next visit will be coming soon!


Live Station said...

zaolon! saw chian!


~Live Life~ said...

Putting Zaolon's butt as the first pic? Hmmm...

I would hope to see your presentation on that day...

And remember to treat wo...haha...

Anyway...great to hear that you guys had fun!

Another thing...I can't wait to go back and tear all those Malaysian food up!

LucasLost said...

i feel that pic got impact! makes ppl want to see what is it about.

haha... too bad no more.. i can send u a copy of my slides.. is all photos.

oh yea... when we meet up!
foods... everytime i surf blog.. it makes me think of food.. its everywhere!

zaolon said...

thank you...
kinda miss spore....

btw...i met a pretty gal in the bus when i went back from NGEE AN..
she got down at the same station as mine lea..

LucasLost said...

you are welcome!

next time got chance come over again...!!!

i also meet someone when i went to camp.. xD i forgot to get her contact.. but she add me at FB hoh seh!