Friday, May 22, 2009

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Graduation Dinner and Dance 2009

It was already last Friday that I attended my graduation dinner for free and the photos from official photographer had just uploaded... so is time for me to blog them out before I starts to forgot about the night itself.

That night was one of the best night I had in my life, although it suppose to be everyone's graduation dinner, but the Emcee had made me real famous among the school's top graduates and lectures. Thanks to Emcee Harry again. You can visit his site over here. Besides making me famous, there is another person who is as famous as me for the night, this is due to her name is called Tian Tian. Want to know more about her? Follow here. A video clip from facebook.

Late evening of the day, I suppose to meet up with my room mate and go over there together, but he came over from JB so... I had to go down there myself, but who knows, on the way down I saw someone! Haha my coursemate- Jiawei and she was on her way to meet her others friends, after some discusion, we decided to took cab to the restaurant because we were getting late! The total people taking the cab was 5, so we have to split into 2 cab. Sob sob... is was expensive but... it paid off!

Jiawei, Binyue, Yinan and Yi He

Jiawei want to arrive there early because she said the early birds will have free gifts but, when we reach there, everyone was given a pendirve as a free gift. So there isn't any early bird gifts. Haha... I was teasing her with that... we had been in a hurry for nothing. Well we do earn more time to took more picture there!

Magic Performances

There were also some magic trick performance by... I don't know his name, I didn't get the chance to play with him. Too busy helping my friends to take photo and chit chat with them. Today I did made a few new friends!

Soon it is time for everyone to sit in. The tables were arranged accordingly to the course. I am from EE so see the table number? in mirror it will be 33/EE.

Lol, just kidding. That's is purely coincident and I only noticed it when i was writing this entry. The photograph taking process never really stopped. Even after we were being invited to the hall, there were still people walking around like 10 years never meet their friends. Haha...

Just join the fun and chit chat all the way.

They were my fellows course mate, there might be some that we seldom talk to each other, but I am sure we always know there is one out there... sometime we just Hi and Bye but... here by wish them all the best after they graduated!

The photo on the left is the emcee of the night Mr. Harry Foo. He is really a great presenter for the night! After some introduction and some speech. Then then dinner and dance started! Very soon after the dinner started, we were being amused by the dance performance from the school dance club. They had won over 20+ gold medals during competition. Well I don't remember the exact pieces of medals but they were great! The dances they did was latin dance.

Besides watching the dance, we were keeping our mouth full all the time with the foods!
Soon after the dance, we had some games held by the host. The hall were divided into half, the left side respect to the host were team Champions and my side which is the right side, is call the Winners.

The first game very pretty easy, the DJ will play a song, and what we have to do is try to guess the correct country from the songs and we will earn points from there. Sound easy right? xD

That's the chair that we had to rush for!

She was doing that for the bonus point.

Sometimes when people went up and answer the country corectly, Harry will gave bonus point by asking them to do the dance base on the origin of the songs. I don't quite remember what country dance is that...

Soon, the Champion had overtook our team by a lots of points, so the host brought the chair and put very close to the winner side so that we can get the chance to grab the chair and win some points for our team.

I am sitting reletive very close to the stage, and I am Song Keat! For sure I won't let away this chance to get on stage! So... I went up and try to win some points for my side!

I went up stage to win my team some points twice in a row then Harry gave me a yellow card for fighting over the chair with Kah Chuan. The answer for the first question was Thailand and I actually got it wrong but with the help from my fellow school mate shouting the answer.... I got it right. After I got the answer correct, Harry didn't gave me bonus points! So I ask him to give me a chance to win my team some bonus points!

The task was pretty easy... Do a Thailand dance! Haha... I totally have no idea on how to do a dance! So I ask him how.. the first thing he mention was imagine Thailand culture... he also mention about Tom Yam Mee!
Time for mischievous act from me!

As soon as the played the song, I started to act like I am eating a very hot and delicious tom yam mee while sweating a lot! Haha.... I even acted out peeling the prawns part and dip some Chili Padi! Hahaa... That really works and the crowds likes it....

The next song was 半斤八两 from Hong Kong! As soon as I back to my seat, I rush back for the seat again! Haha... That why I ended up... fighting over the seat with my friend. The answer for this song is really tricky... is actually Hong Kong China... and I only got it right with a lot of tips from the crowd... lol i am slow....

The host also asked me a simple question, how much is half plus half and I answered 200 very loudly... and the crowds burst into laughter! haha... actually my brain can't function well... and I just simply answer it! After that... the emcee keep on tease me with... half + half 200! Before I came down from the stage.. I asked for another bonus points... this time... he ask me to sing the song.. haha... i only know the 1st line.. so... i sang it! cool!

After me is Kah Chuan's turn... which he ended up have to do a sexy dance! Click here for the clip!

He really get his butt shaking!

After a few more rounds, Champions take lead again...
We have no choice but to wait for next game... by the way... I was banned from going for the chairs after the 2nd question! Haha... The emcee also can't handle me... my name of the night also been changed into Angggggg Song Keat!

Next... we got performance from a beat boxer... and... at the almost ending part.. he asked for a volunteer to go up and learn beatboxing from him.... well no one showed up.. so he ask the crowd to shout from their friends name.... no need guess.... I end up so famous and... being called up for it again... Hahaha... That night was like my wedding!

The beat boxer and the noob!

I practically have no idea how to do it... so just follow his instruction and do 2 sound... This thing.. i think need cong chee to do it... he got talent in it!  After the beatbox was performances by a singer... He is quie humor. He said in China there is birth control but in India.. there isn't. The family keep on producing kids... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12.... then they start to export their children all over the world!

There were also lucky draw... but... I am not that lucky to win the voucher... the grand prize was 400 dollar voucher!! arg.... wish it was mine... but... too bad...

Then there was also a runway by 4 girls from both team... it was a very interesting one... please click here for it... which is the link i posted on the top of the post. It had created an uproar during the cheering session for each team...

Photos during the cat walk!
Champions and Winners were cheering for their team!

I am doing the Mahjong Style.

The during the final part of the games, we were required to follow the host to do swiming style.... haha... then while I was posing for the camera.. the Emcee shouted... Anng Song Keat! You playing mahjong ah? why your hand like that while other were doing frog style... Sometimes fame is not that good... xD

After that, it was almost the very end of the event, then we had a toast with everyone!

Yum yum yum yum yum..... SENG!!

I toasted with empty glass.... XD cause they didn't refill for me!

Not much after the toast... so it the end of the graduation dinner!
Before all went off... took quite a lot of photo with other course mates!

All the EE top graduates.

That's all for my graduation dinner! It was a blast!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Actually I did took a photo with my family! Thanks to my friend for taking this and sending it to me! I thought that I had forgotten to take a photo with my parents!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

EE Graduation Day 2009

Going to receive my Certificate of Graduation.

Graduation Ceremony ended, and my dad had fly back to Penang this afternoon. Now is time for me to update my fast and furious graduation ceremony.

after receiving the awards
14 of May, was my graduation ceremony and I was granted a paid leave to attend it from my company. Even though that day itself I don't have to work, yet I have craw out of from the bed si beh early to change into my suit... I reach school convention hall at 8+ a little bit.. but when i reach there... i only saw a few kitty... the rest of them... were late... actually I feel more like being cheated by the school far asking us to be there so early.. and the ceremony starts at 9... have a short chatting with friends and from there i find that most of them were already started working. For those who still haven't get it.. I wish you all luck.

Besides that, everyone were also talking about what is their future plan, most of them were going for further study at NUS and NTU. There were also friends that can't get into the Uni they wanted even though with Merit diploma... I am really sorry to hear that, but... I believe that no matter what Uni it is... is we who made the differences. So good luck everyone!

Meng Yao and IThe were also a short clips made by EE and it really make me feel nostalgia. Especially when watching the photo slide show from the past events... I am starting to miss my fellows friends i made in the EE Society. The very best part for the graduation is actaully the school had arrange EE juniors to be the student urshers that stand along the walkway after I had receive my awards. The makes me feel more like home.

I don't know how will other people feels about it... because they don't know them.. for me.. it really means a lot... I am glad that I always a part of EES!

After the graduation ceremony is the reception... foods were served buffet style at the entrance to the hall...  it was crowded with parents and graduates... most importantly lecturers. Without the help of them, I wont be going on stage that day. I go around have a short conversation with the lectures and take some of their advises... I am sure they will become handy one day.

Mr. Salleh, Mr. Vinnie Chan and Mr. Low Thien Chai

Opps, don't if I get their name correct. There a lot more lectures but they seem busy till I can't get them to take a snapshot with me... Well never mind, I will remember them. actually.. I didn't even get a family photo with my parents... swt ah... because I was walking here and there.. and my parents were standing there too long d.. so... i had to rush off at the end.

Hock Choon, Andy, Jun Hua and I

They were the most senior students in out course.... Haha... Hock Choon were our batch best performance in the academic result! I think he graduate with 4 flat. He works with Singapore AirForce and they sponsor him to study for a diploma. Andy and Jun Hua were the ones that I meet and get to know them went we went for the Youth Expedition Program. They were great people!

Hock Choon and I

They said surround yourself with great people, they will inspire you to become the next great people like them. I really believe in this one. 物以类聚. Tag on to them... and you will become like them.

Andy - Jun Hua

Brothers... They were ones that look after me during my poly life.

My classmates. My class actually had 4 girls!

Is hard to find girls in Engineering courses but since my first year, there are actually 4 girls in my class! Haha... during the first year and second year, we spend quite some times together to do group study before the exam!

Last but not least is the student urshers!

They will be the leaders of EE for the next 2 more years to come!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation was a blast!!

Ops... lately haven't been doing any post, but these few days was a blast! Went for graduation ceremony and graduation dinner for all the top graduates and the was the best of all...

During the reception.

Tooks a lots of photo these 2 days and still haven't got the time to upload them... hopefully by this Sunday.
My mom and dad went down to Singapore to attend my graduation by my mom went back the same day as my graduation which fall on 14 of May. Now my dad is still with me till Sunday.

Meet up with my relatives my uncles and aunt... they are quite far in the sense of relationship is 表叔。 he is from my dad cousin and well.. very long and far... I don't know how to explain. Well my uncle is the one who sign my bond with the keppel as the surety. Thanks for that, now I am able to graduate from Ngee Ann Poly.

Last night, graduation dinner n dance, well didn't get the chance to dance... too bad for that, but I get to know a few new friends. Some of them were like same course with me for 3 years, but we never talk in person or properly introduce ourself. Now during this dinner we got our chance. Besides that, I also manage to promote myself to all the top graduates of NP. Thanks to the EMCEE Harry for introducing me as "Ang Song Keat" for millions time.... and get up to the stage for more than 4 times in one night!

Emcee Harry

Seriously, I really thinks that I am in the wrong course... and doing the wrong job. Haha... but I believe I both does the same thing... "I CAN" is the word for myself.

Always be together!

More to come... soon

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Disassembly a MacBook

MacBook keyboard section taken out.

For the pass one week till now I was busying reformat this MacBook due to it hardisk failure. It has given me a few sleepless night trying to figure what wrong with it before I finally fix it. The major problem is that the DVD driver scratch its own cd everytime you insert it in. At the end it has cause its own installation unable to be read!

I have no choice but to ask from friends. But who knows, that the installation of MacBook they borrowed me was from MacBook Pro! It automatically detects it and don't allowed me to install the OS X. Again I meet the brick wall. So I ask my room mate to help me get a copy of OS X installation image from the net, but the one he downloaded for me was for X86 which is for PC! I left with one last choice, get it from torrent. By that time it was still a gamble because I don't know is it usable.

Waited for about 3 days for it to finish download and finally it paid off! So now I get the MacBook running with the Mac OS X 10.5.6. It has took me one week just to nail it down!

But wait, the problem still there. The DVD driver still scratched every cd that insert into it! So i have to open up the case which in MacBook is the keyboard and take out the Dvd Driver and bend the metal that cause the problem. The hard part is the screw used. there a lot of different sizes used, so I have keep track on which is which and where should they be.

Till today, finally I finished installed the Mac OS X and Windows Vista for the MacBook! I even clean up the cooling fan and the keyboard!

That's all, if you need PC / Laptop / Mac repair, you can contact me! Haha..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meet up with my fellows 7PL & S.H.E

It was already '07 that we all went to YEP(picture album at below) at Xiamen and we still pretty close to each other. Even though we seldom talk to each other in normal days, when we all sit down together, we still able to chek akking each other... Somehow I can feel that is hard to find a common point within everyone, but each of them made an effort to show up really ment something to eveyone in the group!

Everything in this world need effort to keep them going. I hope that this friendship will go on forever, just like JSPO and I. Everyone just have to pay a little bit effort to join in other that the least thing we have to do to maintain friendship.

Stolen some picture from Jess.

We had buffet at Seoul Garden. It just like other steamboat where you can have both grill and steamboat just that it is a little bit over priced. But I love the dessert section the most and the ice-cream.

Don't get the wrong idea, I did eat a lot of main course before I end up with the dessert.

After eating them, it reallys make me feel bloated. Yet I would like to do that again! Is just fun to keep on eating and crapping on the other hand. (not the toilet crap)

Ops... one of my friend actually.... (secret) I cant mention it here. It was kinda sia suay... but who care... nobody knows... haha... its thrill!!

One bowl for the soup, one for the salad, one for the desert, one for the chilli, one for unknown and the plate for everything else.

I think that if you are eating with people that eats a lot, eventually you will eat a lot. Else you will look like hungry ghost that just came out from the hungry ghost festival! Lucky got Jess accompany me keep on eating non stop! Haha.. thanks for that!

Jess and I on the left and 7PL + SHE on the left.

There were a few people missing... Wayne was MIA, and Jaden had to celecbrate early mother's day! (Sorry I missed out Ah Dong) Ah Dong had to do night shift! Too bad we missed them this time round. Hopefully the next one will be full forced!

Till then... trying to make some photos!

A little bit about my working life

Nothing better to do! Pretend to be ghost.

Woot, week one at work passed just like that. During the day one at work the instruction gave to me was pretty easy. Boss said: " Today I not free, so you sit here wait till 4:30p.m. then can go home." F.y.i. my work start 0730 end at 1630. That's the normal hour.

Day 2, I was given quite a big task, monitor the electrical stuff of one whole ship. O to the MG! They really look highly on me... as a poly graduate. But make it simple, my job is a cable man. Why said so? Because my primary job is to monitor the process of cable laying process of the contractor and make sure they meet the required schedule.

Basically everyday got a few meeting that kill up about 50% of the working time... 10%  of the time spend on travel, 30% of the time do some checking, 10% of the time.. social with the workers! That's not the truth, I still spend some times doing nothing, waiting for the time to pass...

Since I started work, hardly can get myself blogging, is quite dull to just work, so I had bought myself with two SB600 a shoot through umbrella! So I going to do some photo shooting soon. (my pocket burned a hole!) Damn... I never knew a studio umbrella can cost 50SGD! so damn expensive! well... I had got a light stand made from a few rod of metal, it would have cost me another 120SGD. screw the photography society!

My gear. (left) Thirsty Hippo, 2 x SB-600, nikkor 18-55mm, nikkor 1.8f 50mm and Giottos Rocket air blower

I will be starting some shooting from my home soon. The photo shooting that I really looking forward is to shoot with my room mates with the graduation attire!! Is time for me to read more tutorial about how to do some light painting!

I am glad that I now own 2 flashes! Although they are not as powerful as a SB900. but both of them made up one SB900! XD screw photography society again... made those thing so damn expensive! Opps... hope my mom never knew how much I spend on my hobby... this might made her hair stand stright! Haha...

Graduation ceremony falls on 14 of May! 2 weeks more... Looking forward to it.