Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Disassembly a MacBook

MacBook keyboard section taken out.

For the pass one week till now I was busying reformat this MacBook due to it hardisk failure. It has given me a few sleepless night trying to figure what wrong with it before I finally fix it. The major problem is that the DVD driver scratch its own cd everytime you insert it in. At the end it has cause its own installation unable to be read!

I have no choice but to ask from friends. But who knows, that the installation of MacBook they borrowed me was from MacBook Pro! It automatically detects it and don't allowed me to install the OS X. Again I meet the brick wall. So I ask my room mate to help me get a copy of OS X installation image from the net, but the one he downloaded for me was for X86 which is for PC! I left with one last choice, get it from torrent. By that time it was still a gamble because I don't know is it usable.

Waited for about 3 days for it to finish download and finally it paid off! So now I get the MacBook running with the Mac OS X 10.5.6. It has took me one week just to nail it down!

But wait, the problem still there. The DVD driver still scratched every cd that insert into it! So i have to open up the case which in MacBook is the keyboard and take out the Dvd Driver and bend the metal that cause the problem. The hard part is the screw used. there a lot of different sizes used, so I have keep track on which is which and where should they be.

Till today, finally I finished installed the Mac OS X and Windows Vista for the MacBook! I even clean up the cooling fan and the keyboard!

That's all, if you need PC / Laptop / Mac repair, you can contact me! Haha..


specialhuman said...

wow....I did that with my acer once too. :P

but urs a mac =_=

LucasLost said...

ya... i did my room mates acer too... the fan full with dirt and cause it to over heat every 30 mins!

~Live Life~ said...

So this is your second "dissection"?

How bout warranty? no warranty for the comp?

LucasLost said...

ya it ended... that's why the owner ask me to repair it... haha..

its my third... 1st one was my own laptop.. old one... which had a spoiled motherboard... can't be repaired...