Sunday, May 17, 2009

EE Graduation Day 2009

Going to receive my Certificate of Graduation.

Graduation Ceremony ended, and my dad had fly back to Penang this afternoon. Now is time for me to update my fast and furious graduation ceremony.

after receiving the awards
14 of May, was my graduation ceremony and I was granted a paid leave to attend it from my company. Even though that day itself I don't have to work, yet I have craw out of from the bed si beh early to change into my suit... I reach school convention hall at 8+ a little bit.. but when i reach there... i only saw a few kitty... the rest of them... were late... actually I feel more like being cheated by the school far asking us to be there so early.. and the ceremony starts at 9... have a short chatting with friends and from there i find that most of them were already started working. For those who still haven't get it.. I wish you all luck.

Besides that, everyone were also talking about what is their future plan, most of them were going for further study at NUS and NTU. There were also friends that can't get into the Uni they wanted even though with Merit diploma... I am really sorry to hear that, but... I believe that no matter what Uni it is... is we who made the differences. So good luck everyone!

Meng Yao and IThe were also a short clips made by EE and it really make me feel nostalgia. Especially when watching the photo slide show from the past events... I am starting to miss my fellows friends i made in the EE Society. The very best part for the graduation is actaully the school had arrange EE juniors to be the student urshers that stand along the walkway after I had receive my awards. The makes me feel more like home.

I don't know how will other people feels about it... because they don't know them.. for me.. it really means a lot... I am glad that I always a part of EES!

After the graduation ceremony is the reception... foods were served buffet style at the entrance to the hall...  it was crowded with parents and graduates... most importantly lecturers. Without the help of them, I wont be going on stage that day. I go around have a short conversation with the lectures and take some of their advises... I am sure they will become handy one day.

Mr. Salleh, Mr. Vinnie Chan and Mr. Low Thien Chai

Opps, don't if I get their name correct. There a lot more lectures but they seem busy till I can't get them to take a snapshot with me... Well never mind, I will remember them. actually.. I didn't even get a family photo with my parents... swt ah... because I was walking here and there.. and my parents were standing there too long d.. so... i had to rush off at the end.

Hock Choon, Andy, Jun Hua and I

They were the most senior students in out course.... Haha... Hock Choon were our batch best performance in the academic result! I think he graduate with 4 flat. He works with Singapore AirForce and they sponsor him to study for a diploma. Andy and Jun Hua were the ones that I meet and get to know them went we went for the Youth Expedition Program. They were great people!

Hock Choon and I

They said surround yourself with great people, they will inspire you to become the next great people like them. I really believe in this one. 物以类聚. Tag on to them... and you will become like them.

Andy - Jun Hua

Brothers... They were ones that look after me during my poly life.

My classmates. My class actually had 4 girls!

Is hard to find girls in Engineering courses but since my first year, there are actually 4 girls in my class! Haha... during the first year and second year, we spend quite some times together to do group study before the exam!

Last but not least is the student urshers!

They will be the leaders of EE for the next 2 more years to come!


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