Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation was a blast!!

Ops... lately haven't been doing any post, but these few days was a blast! Went for graduation ceremony and graduation dinner for all the top graduates and the was the best of all...

During the reception.

Tooks a lots of photo these 2 days and still haven't got the time to upload them... hopefully by this Sunday.
My mom and dad went down to Singapore to attend my graduation by my mom went back the same day as my graduation which fall on 14 of May. Now my dad is still with me till Sunday.

Meet up with my relatives my uncles and aunt... they are quite far in the sense of relationship is 表叔。 he is from my dad cousin and well.. very long and far... I don't know how to explain. Well my uncle is the one who sign my bond with the keppel as the surety. Thanks for that, now I am able to graduate from Ngee Ann Poly.

Last night, graduation dinner n dance, well didn't get the chance to dance... too bad for that, but I get to know a few new friends. Some of them were like same course with me for 3 years, but we never talk in person or properly introduce ourself. Now during this dinner we got our chance. Besides that, I also manage to promote myself to all the top graduates of NP. Thanks to the EMCEE Harry for introducing me as "Ang Song Keat" for millions time.... and get up to the stage for more than 4 times in one night!

Emcee Harry

Seriously, I really thinks that I am in the wrong course... and doing the wrong job. Haha... but I believe I both does the same thing... "I CAN" is the word for myself.

Always be together!

More to come... soon


Live Station said...

Happy Graduation !

fallen said...

all the best!!!

fallen said...

wah..u look smart!!
should have dance with gals lea..
tat's what a dinner is 4..wakaka

Mei-Wah said...

congratulations!!! :) glad that you have a blast on your graduation day~ :)

LucasLost said...

haha... i wanted to.. but no one stay back....... sob sob..

thax everyone for the wishes...