Sunday, May 3, 2009

A little bit about my working life

Nothing better to do! Pretend to be ghost.

Woot, week one at work passed just like that. During the day one at work the instruction gave to me was pretty easy. Boss said: " Today I not free, so you sit here wait till 4:30p.m. then can go home." F.y.i. my work start 0730 end at 1630. That's the normal hour.

Day 2, I was given quite a big task, monitor the electrical stuff of one whole ship. O to the MG! They really look highly on me... as a poly graduate. But make it simple, my job is a cable man. Why said so? Because my primary job is to monitor the process of cable laying process of the contractor and make sure they meet the required schedule.

Basically everyday got a few meeting that kill up about 50% of the working time... 10%  of the time spend on travel, 30% of the time do some checking, 10% of the time.. social with the workers! That's not the truth, I still spend some times doing nothing, waiting for the time to pass...

Since I started work, hardly can get myself blogging, is quite dull to just work, so I had bought myself with two SB600 a shoot through umbrella! So I going to do some photo shooting soon. (my pocket burned a hole!) Damn... I never knew a studio umbrella can cost 50SGD! so damn expensive! well... I had got a light stand made from a few rod of metal, it would have cost me another 120SGD. screw the photography society!

My gear. (left) Thirsty Hippo, 2 x SB-600, nikkor 18-55mm, nikkor 1.8f 50mm and Giottos Rocket air blower

I will be starting some shooting from my home soon. The photo shooting that I really looking forward is to shoot with my room mates with the graduation attire!! Is time for me to read more tutorial about how to do some light painting!

I am glad that I now own 2 flashes! Although they are not as powerful as a SB900. but both of them made up one SB900! XD screw photography society again... made those thing so damn expensive! Opps... hope my mom never knew how much I spend on my hobby... this might made her hair stand stright! Haha...

Graduation ceremony falls on 14 of May! 2 weeks more... Looking forward to it.


@ SmalL G!RL said...

cool gears!!!

@ SmalL G!RL said...

xpensive hobby lol

LucasLost said...

ya... must use often... else.. it is really expensive... the more i use... the more value for money it is.. xD