Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meet up with my fellows 7PL & S.H.E

It was already '07 that we all went to YEP(picture album at below) at Xiamen and we still pretty close to each other. Even though we seldom talk to each other in normal days, when we all sit down together, we still able to chek akking each other... Somehow I can feel that is hard to find a common point within everyone, but each of them made an effort to show up really ment something to eveyone in the group!

Everything in this world need effort to keep them going. I hope that this friendship will go on forever, just like JSPO and I. Everyone just have to pay a little bit effort to join in other that the least thing we have to do to maintain friendship.

Stolen some picture from Jess.

We had buffet at Seoul Garden. It just like other steamboat where you can have both grill and steamboat just that it is a little bit over priced. But I love the dessert section the most and the ice-cream.

Don't get the wrong idea, I did eat a lot of main course before I end up with the dessert.

After eating them, it reallys make me feel bloated. Yet I would like to do that again! Is just fun to keep on eating and crapping on the other hand. (not the toilet crap)

Ops... one of my friend actually.... (secret) I cant mention it here. It was kinda sia suay... but who care... nobody knows... haha... its thrill!!

One bowl for the soup, one for the salad, one for the desert, one for the chilli, one for unknown and the plate for everything else.

I think that if you are eating with people that eats a lot, eventually you will eat a lot. Else you will look like hungry ghost that just came out from the hungry ghost festival! Lucky got Jess accompany me keep on eating non stop! Haha.. thanks for that!

Jess and I on the left and 7PL + SHE on the left.

There were a few people missing... Wayne was MIA, and Jaden had to celecbrate early mother's day! (Sorry I missed out Ah Dong) Ah Dong had to do night shift! Too bad we missed them this time round. Hopefully the next one will be full forced!

Till then... trying to make some photos!


Hellokitty said...

Ya i ate till i was soooo bloated! n i seriously tink i ate so much becoz u were beside me therefore influenced me to keep eating! i am fat enough alrr!!!!

jayhollic*bel said...

haha i ate a lot too k!!
i think next time we should have buffet at other nicer place...seoul garden's selection of food is pathetically little!!!

and thanks for making the effort to organise this outing, like wad u said, it takes effort to maintain our friendship despite being in different stages in life.


LucasLost said...

haha... i am sure jess eat a lot! bel... hmm... compare to andy.. everyone is the winner here!! hahaha...

wont la... a few times only... wont make any different!

bel.. i do agree that the food there is a little bit only... haha... we should try rice table if can... my colleague said that the food there is nice... it is also buffet.

hope to see you all soon!