Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Shout out to JSPO

Yes congratulation for Dear JSPO members! They had won the 6th Champion in a row! Even though I left the school for 4 years already but I still feel very happy for them. I got the news from 洪老娘 as soon as the result was being announced!

Mrs. Ang said that this year can't hear the cheering from the crowd because I was not there to lead them! Hahahaa......... Proven that I am the best cheer leader!!!! ( lol.. suppose to be a shout out to jspo but i end up promote myself!)

Next Stop will be at JOHOR if nothing goes wrong for the National Competition! So... I hope that my PR is ready by then.. so that I can be the best cheer leader again! haha... and take tons of photo os JSPO!


I find that the photo of JSPO is lack of something.... I don't see people from my batch anymore.... I guess... slowly... as time goes by... people who go back to the band... will be replace by the younger generation... Kinda miss the olden days....

well... that's live! Move on!!!

Credits to Xue Er

Pick up where I left

Woot... I had quite a few busy weeks, so now I think I should update each and every of them before they long gone....

2 Weeks ago, Zaolon came over to SG but I only get to meet up with him at Sunday because I had something on for the Saturday. I meet up with my 7PL friends at Red Box ( I think SG also have it.. already cant recall!!) So sang until I boh Xia + zhao xia. But who cares? Just sing will do...
Then the next got to meet up with Zaolon the next day... and He really lost a lot of weight! Just that I never praise him for that... he will because too proud. So I treated him Carl's Jr. in order for him to gain back some weight! Hey! That's Evil!

Sunday want to sleep longer also can't because Zaolon is here! This time round he is so determine to visit Sentosa, so morning 9:30 we meet up at the Mrt station head towards Vivo city and took the monorail to SENTOSA!

See the background? It was a rainny day! Zaolon is not in luck this time round! Lol... We were suppose to watch girl in bikini, lucky there were stil a few round there... else this trip would be empty handed!...

Took the photo on the left while we ride the free tram that goes around Sentosa. Well it was a short day... but glad that Zaolon made it to SG for the second time! Hope to see you soon!

Coming next is my last Friday. I participated in my company inter-yard X-country. So I must go for the training. Participating in my company events is actually for me to know more people and for them to know me as well... So... I think after all the events still benefits me a lot.

Ok last Friday we had training at Bukit Batok Natural Park and our company had arrange transport for us. Let's take a look at what I ride to the destination.

They are actually took from behind of a lorry. Yes... we took an open air sport Lorry to the site! and it can carry 20 pax at least! Haha! Natural air!

Two days after the training is the actual run itself! Because we put so much effort in training... below is the out come.

Yes! We nail down all the other yard and won the overall champion for the 4th time in a row! Lol... actually I didn't contribute at all! It was base on team challenge result which accumulate of total 10 people in a team with at least 2 girls!

That's all for the 2 weeks! I should keep posting! Else my post will get shorter and shorter.... or more consolidate? xD
Need motivation! 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot ah!

Today I felt that my blood is burning and it almost burst my head during my work! I use to be patient towards my workers but he really drive me mad today!
Kanasai... I ask them work they keep on giving @#$%^&* excuses.... End up I yell and that poor guy and show him how to do his job properly....

I do know that my pay is like 5 times their salary? (the worker are damn poor their pay can be as low as less than 300 per month) so... I am not asking them to give me my pay quality but.. he really push my limit of the edge...

Ask him cut a pvc board... he tell me need 2 ladder to get up the switchboard then only he can carry it out.. I stright away ask him come down.. and i finish the job in 5 min... of course i never screw them with !@#$%^&... but... my head really was boiling that time...

phew... back to work tomorrow... relief!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's Saturday!

Today sure is a fine day after a big pour and it is also a busy day for me! Zaolon is here at Singapore but too bad... I only will be seeing him tomorrow... Weeks before Andy had already organied a gathering for 7PL for a K session and I had agree with them since before Zaolon made up his mind to come over this weekend...

Then during the night, suppose to join up with Eileen for Drag me to hell... awh.. Zaolon don't like horror movie.. so he is out again.... xD nvm... I also seldom watch horror movie at cinema, since my friends are so keen in watching it with me, I shall give it a try... Just remember last week watching the Terminator Salvation had made me jumped of my seat because of my friend next seat shreak for something really stupid... and it had made whole roll of us laugh like made for seeing me jump...

more about today soon.... i am out!

* * * *

Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Laptop overhaul

The screws are places base on their original location from the back of the laptop

Yesterday evening after I had a few hours guitar session with my friends, Shi Qing ask if I can help her to clean the fan of the laptop. Zhng.... Opportunity to open up someone's laptop is here again.... so without hesitation I answered yes for sure!

After disassemble the laptop into the very small part available, I took this photo as a souvenir again! After assemble it back I found that i forgot to connect back the speaker connector by that time, I had already screwed all the screws back into places, I have no choice but to open them up again till the very last "layer" of the laptop just to connect it back.

By the time I finish it, it was already almost 11... without second thought, we had for supper. Gladly i had another free meal from helping people fixing their comp. Too bad after the owner reach home, she found that the keyboard were not functioning... nvm is just a minor problem, I am sure that it is due to the connector problem of the keyboard which is easily can be connected it back fromt he front with only one screw removed!

Well.. that another post laptop disassemble.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Remember my last post of the iPod Touch in the toilet? Here
Now... i think i going to make one... for the iPhone... but yet still thinking on how to put it up.. for now.. i own 2 flashes....  and an iPhone...

more to come... xD

Tian Tian's Birthday

I have no time to blog at all! Life with work is not good nor fun... is stress + tiring with insomnia... Finally I got terrible headache and took 2 days of MC so... time ot blog something about the past two weeks.

Basically weekdays is dull that I have to wake up before sunrise and come back around sunset... damn... how can this be the life for the next 30 or 40 years? Haha.... trying to get use to it.

After the graduation dinner, I had made quite a numbers of friends where we use to be saying 'Hi' and 'Bye'. But now after a few outting together, I can say that we were friends! Better than the Hi Bye friends. So last last Saturday I end up at Tian Tian's 21th birthday party.

That day I brought along my camera with a sb600, so i did a lot of bounced light photography. Which is totally kewls~!
Khai Huat with side bounced lighting.

With side lighting about 45 degree is way better then the on camera flash.... I just love my camera wireless Flash!

(left top) Me, Kah Chuan, Khai Huat, melvina
(bottom) Elaine, Shi Qing, San San

the photo above is a little bit blur due to the shallow depth of field cause by the 50mm lense. Well it doesn't matter anyway... the important part is it do its job to record down the moment!

Off camera flash.. directly from the right side.

More photos from my Facebook Album
The picture there is small but I don't time to post it here... so... just follow my FB link.. XD thanks.. add me if you want..!

That is what happened during my last last weekend....
after the party, they end up ton at shi qing house... the next day wake up... extra tireness... went back to my house.. sleep for another 6 hours or so... is Pig is to sleep.. I am one of them. xD