Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Laptop overhaul

The screws are places base on their original location from the back of the laptop

Yesterday evening after I had a few hours guitar session with my friends, Shi Qing ask if I can help her to clean the fan of the laptop. Zhng.... Opportunity to open up someone's laptop is here again.... so without hesitation I answered yes for sure!

After disassemble the laptop into the very small part available, I took this photo as a souvenir again! After assemble it back I found that i forgot to connect back the speaker connector by that time, I had already screwed all the screws back into places, I have no choice but to open them up again till the very last "layer" of the laptop just to connect it back.

By the time I finish it, it was already almost 11... without second thought, we had for supper. Gladly i had another free meal from helping people fixing their comp. Too bad after the owner reach home, she found that the keyboard were not functioning... nvm is just a minor problem, I am sure that it is due to the connector problem of the keyboard which is easily can be connected it back fromt he front with only one screw removed!

Well.. that another post laptop disassemble.

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