Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's Saturday!

Today sure is a fine day after a big pour and it is also a busy day for me! Zaolon is here at Singapore but too bad... I only will be seeing him tomorrow... Weeks before Andy had already organied a gathering for 7PL for a K session and I had agree with them since before Zaolon made up his mind to come over this weekend...

Then during the night, suppose to join up with Eileen for Drag me to hell... awh.. Zaolon don't like horror movie.. so he is out again.... xD nvm... I also seldom watch horror movie at cinema, since my friends are so keen in watching it with me, I shall give it a try... Just remember last week watching the Terminator Salvation had made me jumped of my seat because of my friend next seat shreak for something really stupid... and it had made whole roll of us laugh like made for seeing me jump...

more about today soon.... i am out!

* * * *

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