Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tian Tian's Birthday

I have no time to blog at all! Life with work is not good nor fun... is stress + tiring with insomnia... Finally I got terrible headache and took 2 days of MC so... time ot blog something about the past two weeks.

Basically weekdays is dull that I have to wake up before sunrise and come back around sunset... damn... how can this be the life for the next 30 or 40 years? Haha.... trying to get use to it.

After the graduation dinner, I had made quite a numbers of friends where we use to be saying 'Hi' and 'Bye'. But now after a few outting together, I can say that we were friends! Better than the Hi Bye friends. So last last Saturday I end up at Tian Tian's 21th birthday party.

That day I brought along my camera with a sb600, so i did a lot of bounced light photography. Which is totally kewls~!
Khai Huat with side bounced lighting.

With side lighting about 45 degree is way better then the on camera flash.... I just love my camera wireless Flash!

(left top) Me, Kah Chuan, Khai Huat, melvina
(bottom) Elaine, Shi Qing, San San

the photo above is a little bit blur due to the shallow depth of field cause by the 50mm lense. Well it doesn't matter anyway... the important part is it do its job to record down the moment!

Off camera flash.. directly from the right side.

More photos from my Facebook Album
The picture there is small but I don't time to post it here... so... just follow my FB link.. XD thanks.. add me if you want..!

That is what happened during my last last weekend....
after the party, they end up ton at shi qing house... the next day wake up... extra tireness... went back to my house.. sleep for another 6 hours or so... is Pig is to sleep.. I am one of them. xD

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