Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Botanical Garden Macro Shots

The photo above was taken with 50mm lenses close up. 50mm prime lense really makes your photo pops out dude the shallow depth of field of 1.8f!

Last last Sunday, I went to the Botanic garden again just to take a couple of photo then get back home again. Haha... Too long never have photo shooting, so out of the blue, I decided to do so.

Did you ever look close up of the plants? This was taken with an inverted 50mm prime lense. Which make the objects so big. Is called the macro photography. But is extremely hard to do so because I have manual shift camera to get it into focus! there is no auto focus or focusing ring to get them into focus!

Ants! To take this shot, it made me sweat a lot with i only can guess the focus point! need to trigger a wireless flash to make properly expose the scene.

This was cropped from the center of the frame from another shot which the ant life size was only less than 1mm!

Lucky Star!

Flower buds


Even the flies like the flowers!

This was taken by triggering a flash wireless from the back. Having the backlit effect! It was an experiment that that turn out to be great!
Buds is star shape!

Unexpectedly there was an extra creature.
A squirrel with a nut at its mouth!

Last but not least!

More tk....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New shoes!

bought it like two weeks ago but I don't have time to  produce  a photo and it took me hours to get the internet connection that allow me to upload it. Hmm... I still thinking of which type of lacing method to use. The one at the front or the one at the back? Haha... I am troublesome!

Well a little bit of update, last week I went to the botanic garden and took some photo but, I am not able to upload it for now. So... maybe a few days later... when I get a more stable connection, probably at the Mc D nearby my house.

Well my room here is great! LOVES it... haha... that's all for now...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I came to Singapore with 3 Bags.

3 years ago, it was April and I first time reach Singapore in 3 bags full with clothes and etc. But now that I am moving, 4 bags is still not enough for me to pack everything! There are more that need to be manual shifted in boxes.

I am currently thinking what should I throw away? I still remember that I read an article about 做人要懂得取舍。 Yet there are so many things that I don't know how. Perhaps after I shift them to my new room, I will start throwing things away. My principle of life is quite simple - When I stop changing, I am in deep trouble. Is like I fell in my own comfort zone which is suicide zone. Change makes me feel alive!

I guess this time moving is like a mark of 2nd life at Singapore? I hope that this time round, I am not going to screw it (is not that screw my previous one. XD) Starting something new is good because I like things to be fresh and constant changing or evolved!

Thus let me remember of one song by F.I.R - Change. Part of the lyric was "Change is the way I feel good" and I agree with that!

Sometimes the things we do might not sound significant but the effect on some other people might be great just that we don't know about it. Some how made me think of the Butterfly Effect base on the Chaos Theory.

"Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set off a Tornado in Texas."
Because of you and you and you out there. You all made me feel alive!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I will be moving soon!

View from outside my new house!

This evening after work, I plan to took company bus to my new room (hse is too misleading) but who knows, my colleagues was driving pass the company main gate and saw me waiting for the bus. So he pick me up and send me to my new place!

Even though the rent for my new place is 2.5x the current one and it ate away almost a quarter of my pay! But I really love the place.

The house is at 17th floor where I am able to witness sunset and sunrise from the windows and it is really windy! Since it is windy, I can forget about the fan.

Mainly I just enjoy the view and the big windows my room has! I can just sit in front of the windows looking at the sky and spend my Sunday doing nothing. (To be tried out after I really move in)

So... upcoming event for me.... MOVE MY STUFF over there! Which is really troublesome! aRG!! Still can't finish packing!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I will consume you alive!

Tomorrow is the day! After dozing at the SSSC course for one whole week now is time for the 100 MCQ!
Yet, I am not fully prepare... I wonder how well can I do for it...

The whole book is words! I hate that. Not a single formula or calculation to do! Is like LAW LAW LAW! REGULATION REGULATION! ACTS ACTS ACTS! That will kill me la!

Never mind! I use my common sense to answer the 100 MCQ passing grade is 65 out of 100! Woot! I only have one choice which is to pass!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yes! I spend one whole night changing my blog layout and finally it is done!

I long wanted to change my template but there is one that would allow me to put in 800 in width photos. Until recently the google pages is going to shut down and all my blogs template picture were hosted there. I have no choice but to migrate them to google Site (the replacement of google pages).

So end up with this template but it was only meant for 1000px witdh warpper! Then I start editing all the codes and picture so that i works perfectly on a wide screen.

Sorry for those with less that 1280px in width screen. You will have to manoeuvre using the scroll bar on the bottom.

Now that you can notice that I have a twitter account. So you all can follow me at http://twitter.com/songkeat 
I will try to have more updates on what every I do. Well.. mostly.. work! haha... stay tune on weekends then!

Ok... That's all for now... Stay tune..

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Grandma House

Today when I browse through my old photo album, I noted that there was an album of my grandmother house surrounding area. By look at those photo makes me feels nostalgia about the past... I lived in my grandma house since I was born until the age of 7 then only my parents move out to our own house at Berapit.

When I was small, my dad use to drive me around with a vespa. It was blue in colour and I always sit at the front where my dad clinch on to me... i guess at the age off 4 or 5 my size should be 60 cm in hight? Then my dad will drive me around the Kampung where there were small stream where I use to play at there... there was also a place where I used to wait for the Train during the evening time...

But now... all has changed. The stream has long gone... and the the railway has been modified into double track....

Walk straight to the end, there is the bathroom but now hardly got anyone using it anymore.
During the old time, there isn't any water supply. So the only water supply was from the well. I use to fear of the well because it very deep when u were around the age of 4!

An empty bottle. Waiting to be filled... Once its filled, it's no more an empty bottle.

Round, round, round and round. A square base bottle?

The above is the workshop located just beside my grandma house. That's the place where I like to go when I was small but was forbiden due the hazard laying around and accident waiting to happen.

Years ago, after school I came to this place and start looking a few piece of wood and start fabricating a wooden box. That was the first time I turn on the saw and start cutting the woods. The design of the box is very simple but it took me quite awhile to finish it.

I ruined a few pieces of woods before I finalize my design. After the completion of the box, it still lack of the final touch! It has to be painted! I start searching around the workshop for paint! Luckily there was a small pail of paint with the colour Pink!

Finally it was painted but then I faced another problem. How to make the paint dry? Lol.... hair dryer!

Thinking back of the box, it was really quite an impulse for me to made that.