Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Botanical Garden Macro Shots

The photo above was taken with 50mm lenses close up. 50mm prime lense really makes your photo pops out dude the shallow depth of field of 1.8f!

Last last Sunday, I went to the Botanic garden again just to take a couple of photo then get back home again. Haha... Too long never have photo shooting, so out of the blue, I decided to do so.

Did you ever look close up of the plants? This was taken with an inverted 50mm prime lense. Which make the objects so big. Is called the macro photography. But is extremely hard to do so because I have manual shift camera to get it into focus! there is no auto focus or focusing ring to get them into focus!

Ants! To take this shot, it made me sweat a lot with i only can guess the focus point! need to trigger a wireless flash to make properly expose the scene.

This was cropped from the center of the frame from another shot which the ant life size was only less than 1mm!

Lucky Star!

Flower buds


Even the flies like the flowers!

This was taken by triggering a flash wireless from the back. Having the backlit effect! It was an experiment that that turn out to be great!
Buds is star shape!

Unexpectedly there was an extra creature.
A squirrel with a nut at its mouth!

Last but not least!

More tk....


choonxuan said...

LOVE All the shots.
Teach me teach me when you are back!!!

Senghoo. said...

Beautifully captured :D
The floral snapshots are far more absorbing :D


those photo dame nice!

Eng Song Keat said...

Thx! I shall take more! Produce more! and improve even better!

Anonymous said...

Overall is quite nice, but not impressive...Hahaha...maybe you can try out playing with lighting and the exposure...

Eng Song Keat said...

okz! i will try! : D
Thanks for the comment!