Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yes! I spend one whole night changing my blog layout and finally it is done!

I long wanted to change my template but there is one that would allow me to put in 800 in width photos. Until recently the google pages is going to shut down and all my blogs template picture were hosted there. I have no choice but to migrate them to google Site (the replacement of google pages).

So end up with this template but it was only meant for 1000px witdh warpper! Then I start editing all the codes and picture so that i works perfectly on a wide screen.

Sorry for those with less that 1280px in width screen. You will have to manoeuvre using the scroll bar on the bottom.

Now that you can notice that I have a twitter account. So you all can follow me at 
I will try to have more updates on what every I do. Well.. mostly.. work! haha... stay tune on weekends then!

Ok... That's all for now... Stay tune..

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