Thursday, July 16, 2009

I came to Singapore with 3 Bags.

3 years ago, it was April and I first time reach Singapore in 3 bags full with clothes and etc. But now that I am moving, 4 bags is still not enough for me to pack everything! There are more that need to be manual shifted in boxes.

I am currently thinking what should I throw away? I still remember that I read an article about 做人要懂得取舍。 Yet there are so many things that I don't know how. Perhaps after I shift them to my new room, I will start throwing things away. My principle of life is quite simple - When I stop changing, I am in deep trouble. Is like I fell in my own comfort zone which is suicide zone. Change makes me feel alive!

I guess this time moving is like a mark of 2nd life at Singapore? I hope that this time round, I am not going to screw it (is not that screw my previous one. XD) Starting something new is good because I like things to be fresh and constant changing or evolved!

Thus let me remember of one song by F.I.R - Change. Part of the lyric was "Change is the way I feel good" and I agree with that!

Sometimes the things we do might not sound significant but the effect on some other people might be great just that we don't know about it. Some how made me think of the Butterfly Effect base on the Chaos Theory.

"Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set off a Tornado in Texas."
Because of you and you and you out there. You all made me feel alive!


zaolon said...

move everything!!!

jaredc said...

from the picture, the room is sooooooooo frreakkinnnggggggggg MESSY!!!!! gosh...

hope ur new room will be neat and tidy... stay alone then??


Same with lahhh...When I first came to KL to study, one car is enough for me to carry all my belongings. But now, TERUK le, If I need to move back to Penang, I think I need a track to move all my things back.