Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I will be moving soon!

View from outside my new house!

This evening after work, I plan to took company bus to my new room (hse is too misleading) but who knows, my colleagues was driving pass the company main gate and saw me waiting for the bus. So he pick me up and send me to my new place!

Even though the rent for my new place is 2.5x the current one and it ate away almost a quarter of my pay! But I really love the place.

The house is at 17th floor where I am able to witness sunset and sunrise from the windows and it is really windy! Since it is windy, I can forget about the fan.

Mainly I just enjoy the view and the big windows my room has! I can just sit in front of the windows looking at the sky and spend my Sunday doing nothing. (To be tried out after I really move in)

So... upcoming event for me.... MOVE MY STUFF over there! Which is really troublesome! aRG!! Still can't finish packing!

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