Friday, July 3, 2009

My Grandma House

Today when I browse through my old photo album, I noted that there was an album of my grandmother house surrounding area. By look at those photo makes me feels nostalgia about the past... I lived in my grandma house since I was born until the age of 7 then only my parents move out to our own house at Berapit.

When I was small, my dad use to drive me around with a vespa. It was blue in colour and I always sit at the front where my dad clinch on to me... i guess at the age off 4 or 5 my size should be 60 cm in hight? Then my dad will drive me around the Kampung where there were small stream where I use to play at there... there was also a place where I used to wait for the Train during the evening time...

But now... all has changed. The stream has long gone... and the the railway has been modified into double track....

Walk straight to the end, there is the bathroom but now hardly got anyone using it anymore.
During the old time, there isn't any water supply. So the only water supply was from the well. I use to fear of the well because it very deep when u were around the age of 4!

An empty bottle. Waiting to be filled... Once its filled, it's no more an empty bottle.

Round, round, round and round. A square base bottle?

The above is the workshop located just beside my grandma house. That's the place where I like to go when I was small but was forbiden due the hazard laying around and accident waiting to happen.

Years ago, after school I came to this place and start looking a few piece of wood and start fabricating a wooden box. That was the first time I turn on the saw and start cutting the woods. The design of the box is very simple but it took me quite awhile to finish it.

I ruined a few pieces of woods before I finalize my design. After the completion of the box, it still lack of the final touch! It has to be painted! I start searching around the workshop for paint! Luckily there was a small pail of paint with the colour Pink!

Finally it was painted but then I faced another problem. How to make the paint dry? Lol.... hair dryer!

Thinking back of the box, it was really quite an impulse for me to made that.


Live Station said...

arent those photos taken at berapit?

is your grandma house at berapit as well?

got the kampung feel which I miss so much


LucasLost said...

ya quite near Berapit.. cycle also can reach my grandma house but its consider between tanah liat and kubang semang.