Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3G is great

Just about 2 weeks ago I signed up for mobile data plan which allow me to use 10GB per month for 29.90 contract period was 6 month and free for the first month.
Before that I never though of getting any data plan because it was quite expensive! But then last month phone bill I was charged 20 dollar for using 4 mb of data. The problem is I never use it!! ()$&@"";@:$$:
I was a little bit fustrater so I sign up with the mobile data plan which allows me to "get connected" with the world at any time!

Opps Sorry about that. You would have to turn your screen anti clockwise to see that. Did you see that it charge me 3 THOUSAND for the data I used?

Luckily I am on th mobile data plan! It's now free!

Today I went to guitar lesson and I try to take the bus from another bus stop but I can't find the exact location. Thanks to iPhone apps name SGBus oansge to locate the bus easily !

See it was shown on the google maps so that I am able to get there with the guided GPS!

That's not all it even manage show the estimated arrival time of the bus I am taking!

I am taking 157 and it show me that the ETA was 4 min!

Conclusion is that iPhone is not am iPhone if it is not able to use it's 3G

Lastly because o was typing all the time, I miss my stop by a lot! Haha! Well there is nothing to worry about! Google maps with gps Guide me home safetly!

I Finished this post whole I was walking! Woot
-- Post From My iPhone


Angel said...

ish...lihai la li hai la..if u can handle ur specs like ur iphone then it's good!btw..don depend on the GPS so much time really totally don have sense of direction d..haha!

~Live Life~ said...

Hi! Really good...geng one!!!

Next time teach me all these cool stuff ya!!!

It's absolutely ideal for you as a full-time employee where you are trying to cramp as much things to do in a limited amount of time...

That's the beauty of technology!!! Make good use of it...