Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jspo that shaped my personality

It has been quite a while since I posted something about myself, but when I came across Joe's post, I totally agree with her that JSPO really shaped up what we are today. At least for me.

I gotten my first scholarship mainly because I quoted JSPO experiences I had such as being the General Affair for most of the events held. That is how I end up working in  Keppel  Singmarine! I don't hate my job, it is just that the job never came across my mind at all. I never intended to work at a marine industry at all yet now I am in one of them which is also a global well know company.

Being a part of JSPO makes me have high expectation when I carried out my job. I plan for certain operation and expect the job can be run flawlessly but yet the reality is not always that good. The job that has been planned always get delay and doesn't end up like what I expected. Sometimes it even made me haywire and start barking here and there which is BAD for health! Hahaha..

As the times goes by, you really learn how to be patient and yet you still have to have great expectation. If the standard is not meet, you will have to start to think over again and educate my dear workers to improve. Most probably I am young and I don't like to scold people because I don't see that scolding people is going to make them a better person. I rather make them think about what they had done and let them realize their mistake and how to improve.

Just like when we were practising the drill. I never scold my part instead I have fun with them, that's why horn part is the noisiest part of all! I guess I am still using the same method after all. I just love to interact with people.

Today I went for Keppel Offshore and Marine (KOM) Orientation program. Most of the new staff were all required to participated in this orientation. Thanks to JSPO I am once again can't keep my mouth shut. Haha... is not that I interrupt other people is that I learnt how to stand out from the crowd and voice up when needed. Yes I do feel nervous when I stand out... but there are more people that dare not to do so even though they have things to say.

Without joining JSPO I also won't end up in Singapore. I am here because I got encouragement from my ex and then my life is never the same end it has always beyond what I had dreamed and I have no idea where will this lead me to.

I am very fortunate because at Keppel Singmarine, I am actually allowed to do things my way without getting interfere by others, on top of that I am having a great mentor as well as bosses that give me chances to participate in different kinds of events. I should thank God actually instead of saying this and that. Haha!

This month I was also feature in our company magazine! Is a short interview. Thanks Khai Sheng in helping me to cook up the interview respond. Haha... life never been better!


Joe-Lene said...

you've got my say! :)

choonxuan said...

after reading your post, i learn our difference! LOL.
Sk is always high profile.
Cx is always low profile.

Eng Song Keat said...

Might it be the cause ofone day differeces? XD
aquarious have two different personality. Just happened that we were the opposite haha.

Joe! Mai kek.. They know lesser than we do. Just do your best :) there sure will be people that reconize your effort.

jayhollic*bel said...

eh must post that article up.. i wanna read!! haha