Thursday, September 24, 2009

Henderson Wave

Henderson Wave

Last Saturday early morning before the sunrise my friend and I already took the earliest MRT toward Harbor Front Station for the photo shooting! The funniest thing was Terence only had less than one hour nap after he chiong through the night with his friend. With 2 dark eye bags we head for McD for breakfast and they accidentally gave me one more cup of tea! Haha... while waiting for Michelle to arrive we start to pop out our camera and start all the technical stuff none stop!

Lomo phototography edited

I decided to had the outing at Henderson Wave because I want to try on taking photo on landscape. The result I had wasn't that good but still acceptable. Personally I like lomo photography because of the excessive green and blue!

Leading line, converging line, diverging line.

Is landscape photography, the most powerful element of is line. The line lead the audience eyes to the subject or the focus of the photography.

Did you notice there is one guy in white and he is like on all those weird weird places? Yes... he is... because you have to try all those vantage points that normally we won't be seeing.

Depth of Field

Depth of field normally is the essence of the photo and it is controlled by the aperture of the lenses. For photo above I should have selected lenses that have shallow depth of field for more bokeh ("blurness"). Well on the other hand... having more depth also can bring our the leading line to my subject, in this care he is Terence!

Zig Zag

Sometimes you just have to wait for your subject to came into your frame.


I think most of the time I more prefer in shooting people. By the way, rules are meant to be broke. So... think outside the box!

Parallel or not?

In fact in the photo none of the line is parallel or perpendicular. The horizontal line is actually slanted. Probably illusion!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where to live?

Last saturday went over to JB. The difference is that instead of taking bus all the way from sg to utm, I was in luck! Zing Yi brother's also going over to visit Zing Yi and some show house around Johor.

Overall it was a great trip because i get to know that a nice pleace to live in is not easy to find and it cost a lot but yet it is still half the price of SG HDB housing! A 2 story Semi-D is about one million ringgit but at sg a condominium of 3/4 rooms is about 1 million SGD depend on the location. Hmm... I wonder where would I end up be. Probably else where rather than Singapore.

But I am sure that I like big houses!

Meet up with Zaolon certainly is a good thing. This time was to celebrate his belated 21th birthday. The things that I would like to tell him is a quote:

“Love comes when manipulation stops; when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you. When you dare to reveal yourself fully. When you dare to be vulnerable.”

Haha... Wish money fall from the sky for you.

You can't really see what lye ahead of you even though everyday might seem the same but it's still changing.

Work seems to become more and more busy. Free time getting shorter. My strategy is to sleep less!! Haha. Everything will be OK!

p.s: previously there were many typo... finished this in a rush.