Monday, October 5, 2009

What I wanted to say

If only words can express...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Walk about at Bugis

There's a will, there's a way

Caught this while walking around at Bugis when my friend Terence and I was on our way to the mosque in Kampung Glam. At first I was looking upward, then I saw some plants also growing on the roof, so i figure out that, if there were plants growing in those weird location, there must be some around too. I turn a 360 degree, then I spot this on my left.

I believe that before you snap a photo, you think about a theme or a message that you want to tell the viewer, the result you get will always be a better one.

Endless Walkway

Reflective surface normally gives you the vantage point that not normally seen by people. You might have walk across a shop with glass door but you hardly noticed what it reflected from there. Photo above  gave me the feel like there is no ending for the walkway.

Look from an alley

There are many places to shoot the mosque, but I choose to shoot this one at the alley of some shops. I am not very good at taking landscape, mainly I don't have a real wide lenses to show the surrounding area, so I took those that can have narrow view.

Just Like it.

Nothing really special about this photo, just that I like it this way.

Freeze the water

This was taken at Bugis junction where many family like to bring their children over here and play at the water fountain. I had spend quite a few time sitting beside just to look at the kids here. It is just plain relaxing. When I there last week, I had 50mm on my camera which the view was quite narrow, so I decided not to took the kids around and focus on something we can't see with our eyes.

I choose a shallow depth of field, crank up the shuttle speed... then the above is the outcome, the water that we sees normally as a straight line is not straight.

Repeating pattern

I raise up my head and saw the glasses on top of the roof. Slight move myself around to avoid thing that I dont want to include in the photo this is what I got!