Friday, November 27, 2009

Night Shots at University Nottingham

We took really long to get the above photo right. We Used long exposure and manual flash trigger to get to photo in one shot and a single flash. What I wanted to say is that, Trial and error works best~

This was made by utilizing the Multiple exposure function made available at the D80 body itself. Three shot in one frame.

This was a better one with proper exposure on both of the "subjects"

Sometimes, the model far more important that your gadget.

The evolution. I guess I hit the wrong setting the TTL flash. Overexposed my face.

Overall I was very satisfied with my first encounter with Wireless Trigger of my flash in a total darkness.


kae vin said...

hey I love them!

Multi exposure time huh. Rupa-rupanya D80 got this function~

and what's the thing that you guys hold in you hand? The wireless flash? wow cool~

Eng Song Keat said...

It's a SB-600
some we use manual trigger, some using wireless TTL by using the pop up flash from the camera as the commander.
Thanks oh~~!