Friday, November 27, 2009

Short weekend at Kuala Lumpur

During the last Deepavali I made an impromptu decision to fly up KL to meet up with Khai Sheng for the weekend.

The first day I arrived, I already had a warm welcome by Khai Sheng. He greeted me by bringing me everywhere to try out the food till I really bloated. The most unforgettable thing is that, he keep on saying that HE was hungry every 2 hours, end up we keep on stuffing ourself every two hours with various of food!

We went to Midvalley~! And there was an exhibition by NIKON! Woot~! I was given the honour to try out the new Nikkor 70mm~200mm f2.8 VR II lenses even before it was being release! Above 2 photo were taken by the new Nikkor 70mm~200mm f2.8 VR II lense at wide open. Woot... it really make you KISIAO if you get your hands on it! The sharpness is just wonderful! of course you might say that using a crop sized sensor, I am only utilizing the middle part of the lense, yet the hand on experience the lense itself just feels great~

The above we taken while Khai Sheng and I were ton around the lobby. The top left were taken by Khai Sheng. I find that the composition of the scene is just right.

Multiple Exposure Try out

During the evening, we end up at Kajang and meet up with Ze Hang for delicious Kajang Satay! Glad that we meet her up, because she was the one who brought us to"Restorant Malaysia" to eat chicken, beef, mutton and duck satay. Erm... the duck meet satay is not that nice though, but the beef and mutton were really great!

The night's still young so we ended at University Nottingham. We were suppose to drop of Ze Hang and go back already, but once we took out the camera, we shoot until the past the midnight~

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About Malaysia said...

He's not the only one who eats every 2 hour. Many of us here in Kuala Lumpur eats that often.

We have a joke that eating is our number #1 sport ;)