Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Video + Photographer

Edmund Tham photography is really great! Nonetheless he is also one of Malaysia top wedding photographer. I get to know him from Khai Sheng some weeks ago while we were talking about how to take photo at the same time I was preparing for my colleague wedding  day photo shooting. Opps I didn't mention that before right?

Yea, it was a fruitful day and memorable day for my colleague which is also my mentor and friend as well. More on the wedding photos on next update. My purpose here is to promote Edmund Tham photography. See the featured video on the side bar? just click play it shouldn't take long to load.

The pre wedding shots were taken at Penang Island itself! I love the beach scene the most and I believe it should be Rasa Sayang Beach. I miss Penang Beach a lot! well I really don't have chance to visit Rasa Sayang beach since i got my car license because during that period the hotel was still under construction. The beach I visit the the most should be around Batu Fringgit and Tanjung Bunga Beach ba.

Well just love the shots taken by him.

Lol any one want to sign up be my part time model when I get back to Malaysia during Chinese New Year? Lol no pay but at least got an angpow~ haha...

Seriously need to try out different ways of taking photos... loved the sunset shots~!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Broga Hill Shots

It's been awhile since I took these photos.
It was all about coincident that Khai Sheng, Ze Hang and I end up at this amazing hill just in time before the sun rises.

Sometimes we just have to have a little bit of faith in what we do and enjoy life slowly rather than rushing.

Free your mind

I uploaded all of them in my facebook before but yet I find that those version is not yet perfect to my own preferences. So I give it some tweak before I post it up here.

Basking in the lovely morning sun..against the backdrop of the town..

Looking into vast piece of land.

Feeling the warm air around you

Not everything have to be clear. Sometimes we just have to let it be.

Let all out better then keep it in.

Shut off your eye and let your mind wonder.

Personally I love the 1st and the last photo the most.