Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Video + Photographer

Edmund Tham photography is really great! Nonetheless he is also one of Malaysia top wedding photographer. I get to know him from Khai Sheng some weeks ago while we were talking about how to take photo at the same time I was preparing for my colleague wedding  day photo shooting. Opps I didn't mention that before right?

Yea, it was a fruitful day and memorable day for my colleague which is also my mentor and friend as well. More on the wedding photos on next update. My purpose here is to promote Edmund Tham photography. See the featured video on the side bar? just click play it shouldn't take long to load.

The pre wedding shots were taken at Penang Island itself! I love the beach scene the most and I believe it should be Rasa Sayang Beach. I miss Penang Beach a lot! well I really don't have chance to visit Rasa Sayang beach since i got my car license because during that period the hotel was still under construction. The beach I visit the the most should be around Batu Fringgit and Tanjung Bunga Beach ba.

Well just love the shots taken by him.

Lol any one want to sign up be my part time model when I get back to Malaysia during Chinese New Year? Lol no pay but at least got an angpow~ haha...

Seriously need to try out different ways of taking photos... loved the sunset shots~!


~Live Life~ said...

Yea...after watching the video...was really amazed!

It takes a lot of creativity to produce something special...=)

Jia you ya SK! Thanks for the sharing!

fallen_angel said...

huh? what video?
got video meh?

fallen_angel said...

just saw it...haha..

Swan said...

Truly amazing video!
Hello Song Keat,
It's Jia Xuan, your former school mate here. Came across your blog through Tze Qing's blog. :)Just realize you've deep interest towards photography. That's pretty cool! My best of luck for your future endeavour in photographing :) Btw, are you stil in Ngee An? My uni is right besides yours. Haha.

Eng Song Keat said...

Hehe. Thx for drop by. Then your uni must be SIM! Hahaha I already graduated from ngee Ann for almost a year already and also already moved to jurong west.
Enjoy your uni at sim! Is a great uni to be in. Shaw chian study part time there currently. If you know who is he.

Last but not least thanks for ur encouragement! Will try harder!!

To everyone else, Chinese new year let try it out if we got the chance to meet up!! Pg got many bice place to take photoes!!