Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Opps, Still one day to go but I assume I won't be blogging by that time. So glad that I am going home later!

I felt that I am a magnet to accidents when it cames to cny. During the year 2006 I almost lost my tumb! This year again, but not tumb but leg. Lucky that it was just some scratches and bruise. I tried to pull a rope but a panel was sitting on top of it. Without I noticing the panel fell and my leg was there. pammm.... my leg caught in between the panel and the floor. The thing kinda bouch and I get my leg out.

Now I am limping but getting better since yesterday. Who cares? Is CNY it meant to have a big ang pow right!~

Below is some photo taken at NTU Lion Dance competition.