Friday, May 7, 2010

A bit of everything

Well I am here to express a little of everything about me. Sound not like me isn't?
There is hardly me for quite a long time since i started blogging.

about 2 weeks ago I participated in an event which is quite similar to Amazing Race but the event I am in it is call Amazing Marine Time Race.

I am sure you be able to spot me in it. Sometimes I felt that, I am not really into doing something but I will keep on trying to convince myself into doing it. The outcome did amazed me because it was out of my expectation but yet I feel that I shouldn't be need to convince myself in doing something. It is better to start with the willingness in doing it.

I love burger, I used to hate beef but recently I like it but only if it is burger. Reason behind it? I don't know that either. Just treat myself with Carl's Jr. Yum... and 2 scoops of Ice creams. Arh.. made my day... esp rum and raisin! After that got myself a ticket to Iron Man 2. Woo... better day it is!

Well not to say that I was not in a good day so that I treat myself better, it just that I am but tired of telling myself to do this to do that and yada yada yadda.... bla bla... Well still made some progress in getting knowing myself of one thing. I just need a person to listen to my craps. That's all. Not just any.

Last but not least, if you have all the time in this world, you should watch the link below.

A little bit of everything.