Friday, May 7, 2010

A bit of everything

Well I am here to express a little of everything about me. Sound not like me isn't?
There is hardly me for quite a long time since i started blogging.

about 2 weeks ago I participated in an event which is quite similar to Amazing Race but the event I am in it is call Amazing Marine Time Race.

I am sure you be able to spot me in it. Sometimes I felt that, I am not really into doing something but I will keep on trying to convince myself into doing it. The outcome did amazed me because it was out of my expectation but yet I feel that I shouldn't be need to convince myself in doing something. It is better to start with the willingness in doing it.

I love burger, I used to hate beef but recently I like it but only if it is burger. Reason behind it? I don't know that either. Just treat myself with Carl's Jr. Yum... and 2 scoops of Ice creams. Arh.. made my day... esp rum and raisin! After that got myself a ticket to Iron Man 2. Woo... better day it is!

Well not to say that I was not in a good day so that I treat myself better, it just that I am but tired of telling myself to do this to do that and yada yada yadda.... bla bla... Well still made some progress in getting knowing myself of one thing. I just need a person to listen to my craps. That's all. Not just any.

Last but not least, if you have all the time in this world, you should watch the link below.

A little bit of everything.


~Live Life~ said...

Hi bro!

Watched Ironman 2 d huh! Nice or not? Heard ppl said it's not that nice...

It's good that you follow your heart and do what you like...=)

And that chinese military shovel thingy...quite geng too! So many usages de!?

ShellY said...

Hee...long time din chat with you already are you goin on? Seems you had enjoy your time I feel glad..
Hehe..I leave de comment you got read de bo?
Okayx la..midnight now..
Take care ^^